Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aquaman #24 Review

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Paul Pelletier
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 23, 2013

Seven Seas, Swimming Them So Well

Aquaman has had it tough recently.  He may not be the King he thought, his wife was supposed to marry his enemy, his brother's followers want to kill him and he's been in a coma for months.  Thankfully for the reader, all of this has lead to one kick butt comic.  Geoff Johns gives us one of the best issues of the series and an issue that longtime readers and newcomers can enjoy alike.

Aquaman #24 is a great issue and a lesson on how to do a comic right.  Geoff Johns gives us a sprawling history of Atlantis, it's first King and Aquaman himself.  He gets everyone up to speed while giving hints and clues to the mysteries the book has been exploring.  Arthur has been reluctant to take the Throne of Atlantis, but we see he may not have a right to it in the first place.  Johns uses the history of Atlantis to explore themes such as racism, betrayal and family without shoving it down the readers throats.  We learn everything we need to make the battle coming in the next issue meaningful and mighty.

Paul Pelletier's art is fantastic.  It has such an immense scope with detail that brings everything to life.  I can't talk about the art without mentioning the best part, Arthur's beard.  We have waited the whole New 52 Aquaman run for the beard and it is finally here.  Let's hope it stays.  Geoff needs to tell future writer, Jeff Parker, "Don't fear the beard!"

Aquaman #24 is such a good comic.  It brings any newcomers up to speed while providing long time fans with the answers they have been waiting for.  The best part is Geoff Johns does it subtly and effortlessly.  Everything is now in place for the finale next month and I can not wait.