Thursday, October 24, 2013

Red Lanterns #24 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Alessandro Vitti
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 23. 2013

Red Means Go!

Lights Out Part 4!  Oh yeah.  being a little sketchy on the story line when it first started, New Guardians #24 really got me amped up, so here we are for the next installment.  Lets see red.

Explain It:

So now that Bleeze knows Guy Gardner was sent to spy on the Red Lanterns, she intends to tell the rest of the Reds his secret.  But Guy isn't worried, he calls a meeting and tells the rest of the group what he was supposed to do, but now that the Corps. has betrayed him, he's all red.

The Green Lantern Corps. shows up during this meeting, and it's a stop and go fight, between unparalleled rage, and a diminished power corps.  Now DC had a chance to continue a great running gag here, and sadly they missed the opportunity.  The "One Punch" gag.  This is a gag that always made me laugh, and may be thought of as "done to death", but for once in his entire career, we could of seen Guy have the upper hand on Hal Jordan.  Guy sucker punches Hal, and we could of had Zillious Zox in the background say "One Punch!"  Maybe it's because this is a pivotal point in the Lights Out story arc, that the creators decided (if they talked about it at all) we have to much going on to throw in a joke right now.  But I think it would of been great.  Oh well.

After the fight calms down a little we find out that since the Red energy is part science and magic, that Relic can't affect it like the rest of the emotional spectrums.  Guy agrees to help the Corps. save the universe, but he wants something in return.  Hal agrees to his conditions, and we find that the Reds are getting their own sector of the universe that will be under their policing

Out in space Atrocitus and Dex Starr are making their way back to Ysmault.  Atrocitus, now imbued with the rage entity Butcher, plots what he is going to do to Guy Gardner when he finds him.  This scene is almost like Dr. Claw talking to Mad Cat from Inspector Gadget.  So there they are plotting evisceration, and playing with eye balls, when Kyle Rayner shows up with his body full of entities, and The Butcher jumps ship and takes off with Kyle.  So there floating through space is a naked Atrocitus begging his kitty cat to help him. (So good)  So much for evisceration.  Dex Starr does save Atrocitus, and their space road trip continues.

We stop by the edge of the known universe, and find Relic trying to break through the source wall to the universe's light resevoir.  But he's getting a bit irritable because he's tried a bunch of times and hasn't been able to achieve his goal.  Relic is about to use the spectrum energy he's collected through the story arc, when Kyle shows up with the Templar Guardians.  The two sides banter back and forth about power, and futility.  But in the end, Kyle tells Relic that he is here to help him take down the source wall.  Boosh.

Bits and Pieces:

Since the creative change after issue #20, this title has been a complete joy to read.  Guy Gardner is so much fun when being an asshole, that in his role as leader of the assholes of the universe, we're finally seeing him shine.  I can't wait to see this title step out on it's own, after crisis of infinite cross overs is well, over.  Sadly I feel I started enjoying this story arc to late since all we have left is Green Lantern Annual.#2, out next week. But anyway, this is a great book, and I'd suggest Red Lanterns to any Lantern fan still on the fence about it.  Check it out.


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