Thursday, November 14, 2013

Suicide Squad #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art By: Patrick Zircher
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 13, 2013

Face The Wall!

When last we left our anti heroes they were fighting over the possession of OMAC with Amanda Waller's newly formed team of heroes.  Power Girl, Warrant, Steel, and The Unknown Soldier.  But there seemed to be more to the story than what was revealed.  So strap on in and let's talk about Suicide Squad.

Explain It!:

So we get the two teams continuing to battle over OMAC, but Waller's new team might be too much for the Squad, who now consists of Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn.  But when Deadshot has a gun to the Steel's head it seems like a appropriate time to talk their differences out.  The two teams realize that they were set up by Waller, but Unknown Soldier has his doubts.  He explains that the Waller that recruited the heroes was probably a sophisticated hologram.  Of course.  That's a hell of a jump.  In a world where people have powers to do almost anything, Soldier just jumps to the conclusion that it was a sophisticated hologram.   Well he's right.  What a shot in the dark, I'm calling Shenanigans!  Turns out that the man who's running Belle Reve for the Crime Syndicate "The Thinker" set up the hologram in order to take out the Suicide Squad and get his hands on OMAC.  But he has another trick up his sleeve.  As the teams are talking it out, The Thinker's double agent Harley Quinn sneaks OMAC out of the complex, activates him, and has him demolish the complex the two teams are in, with an energy blast.  Apparently Harley's done being a team player, and wanted a big way to say goodbye for good.

Back at Belle Reve, the real Amanda Waller and James Gordon Jr. realize that all their options are gone, now that The Thinker has taken out the Suicide Squad.   But Waller has one more option she doesn't want to choose.  The two make their way down to the classified Level 7, where we get a little back story on Task Force X.  We find out that there have been Task Forces designated all the letters of the alphabet all the way up to our current X.  These past teams consisted of awful things like killer chimpanzees, robot spheres, people suspended in air by a super computer, and so on and so on.  All these are awful ideas, but in the end what did they use?  Crazy criminals.  Who is signing off on these projects, and how do I get his number to submit a proposal?  Oh yeah.  I got some ideas.  

In the end the story is cut short, which we can all be thankful for, if it went on any longer we'd probably have James Gordon Jr. getting all creepy with his mommy issues.  Yeck.  But thankfully King Shark is on the hunt for Waller's blood.  James slows him down, as Waller makes her way through the final door, that she knows will get her killed in the end.  Inside this secret vault we see a god, named Kane who might or might not be King Shark's father, but I thought his dad's name was Chondrakha, but it's neither here nor there.  King Shark wants his daddy, and it's a new universe we're dealing with so either this is the magical king of the sharks or a new character that Waller is going to get killed for releasing.  I'll be here next month finding out the answer hopefully you'll be here too.

Bits and Pieces:

Last month's issue of Suicide Squad blew me away with the new direction it was taking, and the Forever Evil fun going on, plus adding a rag tag team of superheroes to throw at the Squad.  Sadly my hype doesn't continue after this issue.  But it was a decent issue, not going to put anything down.  Not every issue can be SMASH BANG POW, Kindt seems to be working towards something that could be really exciting in the future, but heading towards that goal we're bogged down with enigmatic exposition, and inner monologues.  So we'll see next month if the hype is resurrected, so go check it out.


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