Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vibe #9 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Sterling Gates
Art By: Derlis Santacruz
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 13, 2013

Justice League of Piradell?

So is everyone ready to get confused?  Well you're more prepared than I was.  When last we left our cancelled hero, Vibe signed on with Breacher (The outed king, and leader of a rebellion on Piradell), and a gang of misfits to take down his wife, and mother of Gypsy; Mordeth.  So be prepared to be thrown into a world where you are introduced to a lot of things, or not introduced and have to make wild leaps at understanding them.  Now this is the point where I explain it, but I'll apologize to you now, and just hope....... just really hope you understand whats going on.  Oh and hopefully you read last issue, or at the very least read my summery to help me, help you understand.  Oh god here we go.

Explain It!:

Mordeth the evil queen of Piradell is planning on using the dimensional energy absorbed by Gypsy from her time on earth, to break the dimensional barriers that Breacher placed around the dimension of Piradell.  Are you with me so far?  Alright let's go further down the rabbit hole.  Now Mordeth wants to invade earth with her army of Raptors, (Pretty much like the Borg from Star Trek.  Ordinary people who are assimilated into what look like Lycans from Underworld, and controlled by Mordeth.) and her general; Rupture (Vibe's long lost brother Armando who is being controlled by Mordeth).  Apparently earth is the cornerstone of the multiverse, and Mordeth wants control.  Fair enough.

Back to our heroes.  Vibe and a rag tag team of people you've never heard of before, and probably will never hear again, patrol the decimated streets of Piradell.  Lucky too, because two young travelers are on their way to Breacher's camp to bring him a special sphere that he needs to complete his plans.  But their progress is stopped when a patrol of Raptors attacks them.  The young sibling travels are over powered, and when the boy is about to be assimilated, Vibe and his band of rebels take the monsters down, and save the day.  Back at camp, the sphere is revealed to be a multiversal refraction sphere.  As if that means anything to us.  Bottom line is in the last issue Vibe was stabbed in the chest by Rupture, and when he got to Piradell, Breacher slapped a device on his chest to contain his powers.  The sphere acts as a back up so that Vibe's powers don't overload the device on his chest.  So now that they are ready, the assault on Mordeth's castles can commence.

Alright quickly now, we'll jump back to earth.  When Vibe went after Rupture, he left a mess for his handler Gunn, and his injured brother Dante.  So right now Gunn is covering up that Dante was ever at ARGUS or that the two of them freed Vibe from his prison tube.  But apparently Gunn didn't do a good enough job, because at the hospital Amanda Waller comes to pay Dante a visit.  Now back to Piradell.

The team gets ready to move on Mordeth and her army, but Mordeth upped her time table, and activated  the machine to siphon Gypsy's multiversal energy, and break down the barriers to earth.  In the end Breacher teleports himself and Vibe above the fortress, and tells him that the device on his chest was meant for him, and that he was going to sacrifice himself to stop Mordeth.  But now they're out of time, so Vibe is now multiversal bomb.  Dick move.  Earth is too important to fall, and Breacher thanks Vibe for his sacrifice.  This book has become so alien to me, its ridiculous.  Hopefully I was able to explain the strange, strange world of Piradell to you, and hopefully we understand more next issue.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

Well Vibe has certainly become "out there".  This issue tries to cram so much information on you, and doesn't even give us the benefit of having Vibe try to explain it to us in normal terms.  He just nods his head, and goes with it leaving us in the dark.  The new direction of Vibe might be appreciated in a DCU that is preoccupied with the Crime Syndicate, but it's too much too soon.  Especially for a title that is on the way out.  Hopefully next issue will give us a break, and talk to us like Vibe would want to be talked to.


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