Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Forever Evil #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: David Finch, Richard Friend
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 5, 2014

The Mother Load Of Shit Getting Real!

Last issue we saw some of the most badass moments in the whole New 52.  Deathstroke killed Copperhead, and joined Luthor's Injustice League, and Batman and Catwoman joined as well.  Sinestro completely dominated and killed Power Ring, which was so sweet to read, but also lead to another badass moment at the end of the issue.  The ring went in search of a new host, but it sent out a signal that was able to be picked up throughout the multiverse.  So in the end of the issue the Crime Syndicate looked up in the sky and saw a tear in the dimensional fabric.  Looks like whatever big bad chased them out of Earth 3 is making his way here.  But don't worry about that this issue, we'll save that for later.  This issue we have some monumental badassery that will pick you up and punch you in the gut, and you'll look back up and say thank you.  Let's dive right in.

Explain It!:

The Injustice League plans on taking down the Crime Syndicate immediately.  So Batman boom tubes the group nearby, close enough to check out the place, but far enough away as to not set off any alarms.  Batman's good like that, and while he's down with taking out the Crime Syndicate his real mission is to save Nightwing
So he's all being the hero we love, by manually shutting down the security system, and relooping the video surveillance hoping this will give them a minute head start before Grid and the Outsider know they're there.  But the best laid plans right?  The League splits up half looking for Dick, and the other half looking for the Syndicate.  Grid figures out immediately that someone is there, and Outsider radios Owlman to bring the Syndicate back.  Then BAM!  Black Manta shoves a blade through Outsiders back, and kills him.  Another falls, and it's so gratifying.  Now our criminal heroes find the hooded man that's been a mystery for months.  They take the hood off and find a long haired ginger with a beard.  Hold on we'll get there, but first let's check back in on the rest of the League.

Batman, Catwoman, Bizarro, and Luthor make there way further into the watchtower, and find Nightwing, but it couldn't be worse.  Dick is hooked up to what is called a murder machine.  The timer switches on and and our strange band of heroes has five minutes until a bomb goes off, and the only way to disarm it is to kill Nightwing.  What!?  Batman tries to disarm it but every wire he pulls, the machine fixes.  Luthor has enough, and blasts Batman, trying to save everyone's life.  He puts his hand over Nightwing's mouth and nose, and kills him.  Oh god Nightwing no!  But just like you'd figure kill him now to stop the bomb, then bring him
back.  But that isn't for this issue.  Let's check back in on the rest of the League.

Things get bad when the Syndicate shows up and a no holds barred, rock 'em sock 'em fight breaks out. (Just so you know Deathstorm has been tasked with sealing the dimensional break, so don't expect him in this fight.)  Black Adam takes on Ultraman for a rematch, Sinestro puts his will against Super Woman's barbwire lasso, Atomica tries to find a hole in Black Manta's armor to stop his heart, but the real badassness comes in the fight between Captain Cold and Johnny Quick.  Quick thinks he has the upper hand on Cold, that is until Cold freezes Quick's leg, and shatters it with a kick.  Wow just wow.  The fight ends with hooded mystery man's mouth being unbound.  MAZAHS!  Black lightning crashes down on the mystery man.  So he's some kind of crazy Earth 3 Shazam, okay I can dig that.  Now all powered up, he simply walks up and breaks Johnny Quick's neck, and we find out that the mystery man is Alexander Luthor.  But the bad part is now he plans on killing the other heroes so he'll be the greatest hero of this world.  Bad to worse.  Why can't a hero or villain catch a break this year?  Check back in next month for the final installment to Forever Evil, where hopefully we'll get all the answers we've been looking for.

Bits and Pieces:

Wow just wow.  There is something so gratifying about reading this event.  Every issue just punches you in the gut, and you love it, and ask for more.  This issue especially just keeps throwing curves at you, and just when you think you figured something out, BAM another curve, so much fun.  The writing and art have been continuously amazing so there's no real reason to talk about it, just go out and get yourself a copy of Forever Evil #6 and get lost in this heart pounding world that's been turned upside down.  Do it!



  1. Isn't that a problem for most people that it keeps throwing curve balls at you when there's only one issue left. I think it's too much and this will lead to lex joining the league.

  2. One issue left of Forever Evil, but like Lex joining the Justice League we can continue exploring what went down in Forever Evil after the fact. I don't know I've enjoyed every issue and love Johns story telling. The big curve ball for me was Alexander Luther, and then him being the Earth 3 Shazam.