Sunday, September 14, 2014

Five Questions with...Jeremy Haun

We are back again with Five Questions and this round is with Jeremy Haun.  Jeremy just ended his excellent run on Batwoman and is moving on to Constantine.  That's great news for Constantine, but awful for me.  I'm selfish, you see and I read and review Batwoman and have really enjoyed Jeremy and Marc Andreyko's run. It's easy when Jeremy does an issue because the art is always good. Enough about my troubles, let's get on with the interview.  Thanks to Jeremy for doing this and for having fun with it.  He is now officially inducted into the Weird Science Hall of Fame which entitles him to all the rights and privileges of that position.  Enjoy.

1. What are you working on right now and/or is coming out soon?

At this exact moment, I've been drawing page 11 of CONSTANTINE #19. It's a crazy issue. Dark, moody stuff.   I've got a lot on my creative plate, right now. I'm the regular artist on CONSTANTINE, I've got a new book with Cullen Bunn called WOLF MOON coming out from Vertigo this December, AND I'm working on more of THE BEAUTY for 2015. I'm also considering taking up base jumping off of historical register buildings...or scrimshaw. 

2. Congrats on your year long Batwoman run.  How was it jumping on a book after J.H. Williams controversial exit?

Scary. I mean, there's not much you can do when following up one of the greatest illustrators working in comics besides put your head down and just do the work. 
For a while there, I had the distinct honor of having every Batwoman fan out there wishing I'd get hit by a truck full of cars. But quite a few people seemed to come around.  I get it. No one wants their favorite creator to leave a book. Hell, I don't want my favorite creators to leave books. It happens, though. You can only do your best and dodge the truck full of cars as they come. And honestly, I really want to thank the Batwoman fanbase for warming up to me. Nothing beats having fans of the character come up to me at shows and let me know that they appreciate what I was doing. 

3. You are from the "Show Me State" and often go pantless...please elaborate.

Yes and yes. I'm a grown man who sits in a studio for long hours drawing funny books. Pants are overrated. Show me someone who gets to wear boxers to work and I'll show you a happy individual.   For the sake of others I DO put on pants when I leave the house.  I'm a giver.  And yes. Missouri. 

4. Goonies or Monster Squad and why?

Gah! How am I supposed to pick between those two gems? 
That's like deciding which of your childhood pals to let drown. 
Goonies is a pretty perfect movie...but I'm going to have to go with Monster Squad-- because monsters.  Also, wolfman's got nards.

5. On your site (, you do an excellent Dino Days feature, why no love for Missouri's state dinosaur,  the Hypsibema Missouriensis and when can we expect space?

I totally need to draw that doofy looking dinosaur at some point. Why couldn't we get a badass looking dinosaur-- something with fangs and claws? That one it's from Missouri. 
I have a lot of fun with the Dino Day stuff. It started when my youngest son, Owen asked me to draw him a dinosaur. We had so much fun with it that I decided to do it every week for a year. Most weeks they pick out which one they want me to draw. ...which leads to a lot of T-Rexes and Velociraptors and not many Hypsibema Missouriensis. 
Once we finish up the years worth of Dino Day pieces, I think I'm going to do a nice hardcover book of them.  

6.Who could eat more chicken wings, DC wing eating champ, Justin Gray, or a baby T-Rex?

Wait-- what's the record? 

Regardless, the answer is my buddy, Hurley's Heroes owner, Jason Hurley. He'd out eat Justin Gray and the T-Rex combined. 

7. You left your Batwoman run with Kate being turned into a Vampire, what is your favorite Vampire movie?

I did! Maybe...
As for movies-- I'm a sucker for the old Hammer Horror flicks. Give me Captain Kronos or Satanic Rites of Dracula any day. Looks like I just figured out what to re-watch this week as I finish up my deadline.

8. What is your shoe size and how has it effected your career?

I'm a size 10.  Pretty standard.

The hardest hit my career has taken is thanks to my needless collection of fancy footwear-- running shoes, hiking shoes, flip flop shoes, parkour shoes, pointy's a thing. Especially since, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a guy that sits in a studio for long hours drawing funny books...without shoes on...or pants. 

Thanks to Jeremy for such a great Five Questions.  Make sure you check out Constantine and Wolf Moon in December.  Jeremy Haun and Cullen Bunn?  Count me in! 

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