Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worlds' Finest: Futures End #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen
Art By: Yildiray Cinar
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 10, 2014

Power Girl Vs. Fifty Sue!

As you know it's the Futures End event and if you read these reviews regularly, you'll know that this is my recap section and I haven't had shit to write about except for personal stories.  Let's continue the trend.  When I was in my early 20's I lived above a porn shop for five years, Adult World for those of you who frequent such places and once after working on a weekend I came home and went to my room to take a nap.  Now my roommates and a number of my friends were over and apparently while I was sleeping they decided that they wanted to go out and get something to bring back.  A little bit of info to enhance the story is that the main door was a big heavy bastard that required two keys and then you go up a flight of steps to another door that required another key, so as you can imagine it was a pain in the ass entering the apartment.  So with that in mind my friends decided that since they were only leaving for a little bit they'd leave the doors unlocked......... With me sleeping.  Well luckily one of my friends decided halfway to where they were going that they shouldn't of done this and returned to the apartment and when they opened the main door they saw some strange dude running down the stairs and then past them.  Do you understand how much I would of screamed like a little girl if I had woken up and seen some strange dude in my apartment?  I still get chills thinking about some strange dude staring at me while I slept.  So let's check out Worlds' Finest: Futures End.

Explain It!:

If you've been reading the Futures End weekly title then you'll know that for the most part all of the Earth 2 heroes have been locked away on Cadmus Island, so I guess this story is a bit of a prequel to Futures End, but don't worry because it's one of the closest tie-ins I've seen so far.  

Our story begins with Power Girl infiltrating Cadmus Island to find Huntress and break her the hell out, but with a island of OMACs guarding the facility, it might be a little harder than she anticipated.  Power Girl stealthily makes her way up to the complex and to blend in she trades her costume for a Cadmus jumpsuit.  It seems that even Five Years From Now Power Girl can't escape a comic that finds a way for her to get undressed.  I swear if Power Girl keeps getting naked now that she's in Earth 2, I'm giving up.  Just done.  So after creating a diversion by burning her old uniform, Karen moves out into the main courtyard where she uses her X-ray vision and sees that apparently Cadmus Island on top of Guantanamo-ing Earth 2 heroes is also in the dissection business when she sees a cart that appears to be full of STEEL's body parts.  Da Fuck?  After all the gruesomeness some mysterious person realizes that Karen doesn't belong.  Now am I just an idiot here?  I've read every issue of Earth 2, Futures End and Worlds' Finest and I have no idea who this person is that recognizes Karen and helps her avoid the OMAC's attention.  Is she some throw away scientist character?  A small name drop might of helped me out here and I don't know why but the fact that I can't place this character really irks the shit out of me.  What do you think?


So while Karen was successful in avoiding the OMACs, apparently Deathstroke is a bit more observant because after only a slight glance he knows that our hero doesn't belong.  Now it's time for Slade to get knocked on his ass because who the hell does he think he is going up against a Kryptonian?  Yeah he doesn't know this, but stop being so damn presumptuous Slade and you might not come off as such a douche all the time.  Obviously Power Girl takes out Deathstroke and it seems like Karen will have no further trouble in finding Huntress.............. OH MY GOD IT'S FIFTY SUE!!!!!!  This little nightmare does her mind whammy on Power Girl and our hero goes down.

Oh but it looks like Tanya Spears (the genius teen that worked for Karen Starr before she went back to Earth 2, who somehow developed Power Girl like abilities) is working on the island and when she sees that snot nosed sociopath seriously wrecking her former employer, Tanya springs into action.  The only problem with that is Fifty Sue is like a boss in a fighting game played on expert........  Well I don't know how good you are at fighting games but no one I know is beating her.  So both heroes go down and our issue ends with Power Girl getting locked in a cell with Huntress.  At least the two friends were reunited.  That's it for this issue, see you next month as we see our heroes adventures in Earth 2.

Bits and Pieces:

Well while we had a true tie-in to Futures End with this prologue type story, we were still bogged down with Power Girl getting naked and having no real plan to speak of as she tried to infiltrate Cadmus Island.  I understand that she might have gone all commando because her friend was in danger, but she's supposed to be a seasoned superhero at his point and that didn't really show here.  Just a rookie that hasn't learned a thing in the five years from when we last saw her to now.  I don't know what I expected here..... Maybe a little depth?  Character development?  Just something more than than the worst prison break in history.  The only real joy for me in this issue was the suburb art by Yildiray Cinar that tried it's damnedest to make this a good issue, but the story just seemed to be lacking.


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