Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #23 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson, Cullen Bunn
Art By: Scott McDaniel, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, Eduardo Pansica, Dan Green, Jorge Jimenez, Andrew Dalhouse
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 11, 2015

Bright Sun Shiny Day

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

In the last issue of World's End, all seemed to be lost as the Earth was being encompassed by........... I don't know, an Apokolips casing that will devour the world because God planets get hungry for similar flesh.............. Was that too much?  It's all or nothing for the next couple of issues though because Green Lantern is out of power after creating a shield for the world that isn't going to be able to last very long and the survivors of Earth have no way to space ship to safety now that the world is covered.  Let's see if our Superman heroes can get it together before the lack of sun affects them and figure something out or if they'll all go down with the ship we call Earth-2.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

As we've known it to be, the world is doomed and our Superman heroes and Green Lantern are doing their damnedest to try and break through the Apokolips casing around Earth so that Commander Sato can begin evacuating the planet's survivors and you know............ get further than the world devouring candy coating.  One problem I have here is I have no idea where this story takes place from the final issue of the Earth 2 monthly book.  At the end of that book it said it would be concluded in World's End.......... which makes sense but when we left that issue we had Flash, Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate among the Wonders kicking ass and taking names and yet they are completely missed here........... Oh and if you remember in that issue, our Wonders destroyed one of the Apokoliptean satellites making Earth it's prison bitch but in this issue we find out that apparently those satellites are impossible to destroy............ So what the hell did I see in the final issue of Earth 2?  Are you calling Earth 2 a liar World's End or are you just trying to tell me that that book didn't matter?  Bah.  Oh and just to let you know because for some reason this is a thing......... Yolanda Montez, you know the Red Avatar, yeah she's alive after giving her power away.  What this will mean for her or the final issues of this title, I have no idea.  Just thought I'd let you know.

Over in Amazonia, we continue the beating that Kalibak put on Jimmy Olsen when he decided to come out of the New God closet but instead of finishing off the ginger god, Kalibak decides since Jimmy beat Barda last issue by making her armor disappear that this would be a good time to question her leadership and kill her because you have to be strong to be an Apokoliptean............. This gives Dr. Crane the perfect chance to get Jimmy to come to and boom tube them out of there and away from the raging Kalibak and probably certain doom......... It's a good thing that Barda jumped in the tube following them because it probably prevented her doom as well.  Speaking of certain doom, with our heroes out in space keeping the TSS Endurance ship warm for when they actually do something, Mister Terrific gets a hold of Commander Sato who tells them that they're ready to evacuate as soon as the Wonders punch a hole through the Earth's barrier but even though the Endurance can hold a few hundred thousand people, Commander Sato wants them to turn it into a Japanese subway and fit about a two million.  

In the end, our Superman heroes and Green Lantern continue to struggle to make a dent in the Apokoliptean barrier when Green Lantern suddenly realizes that he can do things with his powers.  This whole time Alan Scott's been whining about him being out of power due to him creating a flimsy shield to protect Earth for a little bit and out of nowhere at the end of this issue he realizes that he can use the power from the shield he created to punch a hole in this devouring force. As we close this issue we have a glimmer of hope........... that glimmer is the sun shining through the hole that Green Lantern shot through and it's rejuvenating Power Girl and Val-Zod and it's always good to have a couple of full powered Kryptonians on your team.

That's it for this issue of World's End and while I like to make light of things like Green Lantern not knowing how to use his powers and I also like to bitch about timelines and missing characters............ This was actually an alright issue.  It was entertaining from beginning to end and it's moving the story along without pointless nonsense.  This is one of the most disappointing titles that I've read from the New 52 and the writing has been all over the place as it tries to tell the final days of Earth-2 but for these final issues it might not be a complete lost cause.  The art is what you've come to expect from this title switching artists throughout segments, but if you've been reading this long you're probably used to it by now like me and hopefully like me, you also enjoy it.  

Bits and Pieces:

Surprisingly this wasn't a bad issue........... Yeah, that's not really inspiring confidence in the book but if you've followed World's End this far, you'll know that that is a hell of a compliment.  Seriously though this issue is entertaining from beginning to end and it doesn't make you want to pull your hair out when reading it........ Something other issues have done, again if you've been reading you'll know what I'm talking about.  Go check out some World's end because who knows if we're going to get another decent issue.


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