Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The New 52: Futures End #45 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Stephen Thompson, Jack Herbert, Vicente Cifuentes, Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 11, 2015

Clean Up

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Welcome back boys and girls to the story that shows us that the future is not as fun as Back To The Future 2 made it seem........... Wha?...... What's That?  It's 2015 now?........... Well shit, the future is now people!  Anyway, last issue of Futures End we saw our heroes take down Brainiac by Superman punching the Multiverse out of him and The Atom turning him into a Pokemon.  While most rejoiced all of us out here in the not so exciting reality saw as Brother Eye was fully activated and Batman Beyond's future is all but realized.  Let's check out this issue to see if we can get some more rejoicing going on or if we all have to start making placards talking about how nigh the end is.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

It's clean up time in Manhattan and to our heroes that mostly means some bonding and Superman throwing shit into the sun........... No seriously, Superman takes Brainiac's handlebar-ed dome device and gets rid of it by throwing it into the sun......... Five Years From Now, he's still the same old Supes.  

Speaking of same old, after Amethyst has transcribed most of Frankenstein's story leading up to his death......... It was his final wish in case you forgot, our monster hero used his final words to inspire our former Princess of Gemworld to remember who she was and do whatever she could to reclaim her home world.  After a seriously sad goodbye to our noble undead hero, Amethyst buries Frankestein and sets out on her quest to take back Gemworld from the forces of Apokolips.  I'm not sure if this is all we'll see from Amethyst but to me this would be a decent place to leave her.

Since we're wrapping things up here with Futures End, we need to get back to King Faraday and Ethan Boyer, who have gone out to a secret farmhouse where King Faraday plans on continuing his work with genetics and putting Boyer to work whether he likes it or not........... Yeah, it was not.  Voodoo tagged along for the ride and helped Faraday bring Boyer down to his secret genetics lab....... which for some reason is a one way trip once you enter but that's not the fun/weird part of it.  Do you know what Faraday's compound is called?  Command D......... Get it?  Kamandi!.......... Well, I thought it was cool.  I guess the Great Disaster isn't that far off.  I don't know how well Faraday is going to do though because as Voodoo was leaving the secret complex, she was knocked out by Sgt. Rock and her former gal gang.

In the end, shit gets real as Batman tries to turn off Brother Eye and we find out that it went all Skynet on our asses and became self aware, not only that but it started doing that whole Borg thing and as we finish this issue Batman Beyond, Plastique, Tim Drake, Coil and Key are all surrounded by the Brother Eye controlled dead.  Fight the future Batman Beyond!  Fight the Future!

That's it for this issue of Futures End and the only thing that I really have a problem with is that we have all these side stories to tie up that probably don't matter to the whole "Brother Eye Taking Over The World" problem that our heroes are facing............. I might be wrong about that but at this point it comes across as one having nothing to do with the others and right now all I want to see is some Brother Eye bashing.  Even with some weaker side stories, this was a really cool issue that is doing a damn fine job in setting up the final issues to this series where all hell looks to be breaking loose.  For the art, the majority of this book looked great.  It's the Amethyst and Brother Eye sections that came off odd and not quite as good as the rest in my opinion......... more so the Amethyst section but what do I know about art?  Besides for that though this was another great issue and I can't help but get giddy as we get closer to the end.

Bits and Pieces:

We've got the aftermath of Brainiac's attempted kidnapping of New York City and the beginning of that awful future we all saw in issue #0 and throughout this title and man does it make an awesome issue.  Only problem is we have a lot of side stories to tie up that really take the attention away from what I feel is what we all really want to see........ Even with that though, this was a really good issue that sets up the end to our series.  Go check it out



  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a miniseries of Amethyst fighting for gemworld.
    I won't one who examines the picture previews at the end of futures end...I won't be as sad as I was with Frankensteins death :'(

  2. So if I'm understanding this, the tension in the storyline now is, will Batman Beyond be able to prevent his horrible future timeline by stopping Brother Eye in the 5-years-from-now timeline?

    And the latter timeline doesn't have anyone traveling back to stop it, but it seems very unlikely to be the real future of the current DCU anyway. I mean, from the Earth 2: Society previews, it doesn't seem like all those heroes are going to be jailed on Cadmus Island in 5 years, right?

    It's been interesting keeping track of all the different time periods (here's Power Girl as Supergirl on Earth 2, and also in present-day DCU, and also on Cadmus 5 years from now...) but the Brother Eye drama is kind of drained of immediacy.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure how it's all going to play out between Futures End and the future of the Earth-2 heroes but from the very beginning it didn't seem like Futures End would be a timeline that would actually come to fruition...... At least not to me. It's just too damn dark and depressing to be the future for our heroes and yes, it is doubtful that the Earth 2 refugees will be locked up for the next five years after World's End is finished. I'm actually pumped up for this month though so we can see how it all plays out.