Saturday, June 27, 2015

Teen Titans #9 Review

Written by: Will Pfiefer
Art by: Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 24, 2015

Kon's Day Off

As with a couple of other books this month, I took this one over from Eric to review.  It's funny because the Teen Titans are one of Eric's favorite teams and I really don't have much of a history with them.  I am not going to consider that a bad thing, though.  I have read all of the issues in this current run and actually have liked it more than Eric.  So, was my first issue of Teen Titans a great issue that has me thrilled it's now in my review pile?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Red Robin and Chimera setting up warning sensors high above Chicago and while I liked the dialogue between the two, it's just setup to reintroduce Superboy.  The mass murderer everyone is talking about/after is letting off some steam by flying around and it is pretty damn cool to see.  I will discuss the art more later, but I am a huge fan of Kenneth Rocafort's art style and I love his Superboy.

Meanwhile, Bunker, Beast Boy and Raven are letting off some steam of their own.  They are walking around downtown Chicago trying to be inconspicuous.  These three are my favorite characters in the book and they are great together.  They are also risking a lot doing what they are doing and when fans recognize them, I wanted to scream for them to get the hell out of there.  Things get worse when they jump into action to save a girl from getting hit by a train and Kon shows up.  So much for staying out of sight!

Of course, it's not just the DCU's version of TMZ that is interested in Superboy sightings. Manchester Black and his Team are alerted to Superboy's presence and away they go to Chicago.  If there is one thing I remember about being a teen all those years ago, they end up in cliques.  This book is no exception and I really like that aspect of it.  Red Robin's team comes off as the misfits, while Wonder Girl's team comes off as the stuck up cool kids.  It's no wonder that the reader is supposed to root for the misfits, but I'm hoping for a Breakfast Club coming together sometime soon.  The issue ends with Wonder Girl busting down the door and demanding that Superboy be turned over to them.

While I liked this issue, not much really happens.  It wasn't even a great jumping on point for new readers except to get a little characterization of the main characters.  That being said, I liked it enough.  I'm looking forward to next issue and I really enjoy the dynamic brewing among each team, but also between the two.  I hope next issue picks up the pace.

I already said it, I am a huge fan of Kenneth Rocafort's style.  It's manga inspired and while that's not normally my cup of tea, I love it.  Combined with Dan Brown's colors, it is just as much a reason to pick up this book as the story.

Bits and Pieces:

I enjoyed reading this issue, but in the end, nothing much happens.  It does set up a pretty cool battle in the next issue and I loved how Will Pfiefer sets up the two teams against each other.  It reminds me of an 80's teen movie and that is meant as a huge compliment.  If that promise is fulfilled in the coming issues, my score for this book will go up for sure, but unfortunately, I can't give this one a high recommendation just yet.



  1. I thought the point of having Teen Titans volume 5 was to get way from the utter trash that was Teen Titans volume 4. Will these versions of these characters just disappear into the either?

    1. I just want the book to be fun! Is that too much to ask??

  2. Trash encompasses harsh criticism. Didn't enjoyed the former iteration at all but it established my favourite and most popular Teen Titans into the 52 craziness. Although I'd prefer if Bart and Kiran - the human not the black statued form of hers - stayed as core members. And because team disputes are catchy I'd pick up the rivals wisely; Wonder Girl vs Superboy, Guardian vs Red Robin, Kole vs Bunker, Obsidian vs Raven, Anima vs Beast Boy and if Kid Flash and Solstice were part of the Teen Titans pit them against Jesse Quick and Jade respectively.

    1. I was really hoping that the two month break and the "DC You" would kickstart this book...I still am hoping it can turn itself around.

  3. In the end i only picked this book up for superboy i think he is a very interesting character..even if he hasn't been put into anything particularly since the N52 :/

    1. I can't tell you how much I hope this book picks up...I love all the characters, especially Superboy, Bunker, Raven and Beast Boy