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The Fly: Outbreak #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

I'm going to continue my horror trend for Just For The Hell of It Mondays........ because I simply want to and I don't have another outlet for my love of horror inspired media.  I'm going to step away from Puppet Master this week (don't worry we'll get back to it) so we can take a look at a comic based off The Fly series.  You know that David Cronenberg flick with Gina Davis and Jeff Goldblum, who slowly turns into a fly after he went through his teleportation machine, "the Telepods" unsupervised and a common house fly went through with him........FUSION!  Yeah, everyone loves that flick, but this book here is more of a sequel to that movie's sequel The Fly 2, which not a lot of people liked and starred Eric Stoltz as Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis' son Martin........who slowly turns into a fly, do to his buggy genetics.  So while people might not be interested in this book because it's a story about Eric Stoltz, it's still part of The Fly family and I had to get my hands on it.  So let's check this out and see what shenanigans science is up to here.

Written By: Brandon Seifert
Art By: menton3
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 18, 2015
Publisher: IDW

Continue To Be Afraid.....Continue To Be Very Afraid

Our story begins years after the events of The Fly 2, where Martin Brundle became a fly monster and then using his genius mind, used the Telepods to cure himself by teleporting with the CEO of Bartok Industries, thus replacing his fly genes with Bartok's human ones and giving the unwanted genes to Bartok......making him a hideous monstrosity.  That's where that movie ended and here we pick up to see what Martin's been doing since the credits rolled in that 1989 sequel.  Most people despise sequels, but coming from a horror background, they almost feel like a necessity for me because I love to see where characters end up, so this is a real treat for me.  Let's jump into this comic sequel and see what mayhem the Telepods are causing now.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins like I said, years after the events of The Fly 2, where to my complete surprise; Martin Brundle is still working for Bartok Industries.  I seriously would have thought that since he was locked up and spied on by this company for his entire life, so that they could see him become a fly monster, that he would have high tailed it at the end of the second movie.  Instead of simply turning the owner of the company into a disfigured monster and then living under an assumed name in Mexico, it looks like Martin somehow kept his job and has been spending his time trying to find a way to turn Anton Bartok back to his former self.  Too bad that Martin hasn't been successful in using the Telepods as a way to regress the damaged DNA....... At this point I'd say that maybe the Telepods aren't the best way to go with this endeavor...... Unless you go with the way you cured yourself, but that would take a healthy human donor to volunteer to become a horrible monstrosity.

I once read somewhere..........or simply saw it in a movie, I don't really know at this point, that when two people go through a terrible ordeal they aren't likely to stick together once it's over because that person would simply remind them of it.  So it's funny to me when we have sequels to movies where the hero and the heroine are still together...... kind of like this comic book sequel.  Yes the character of Beth Logan has apparently married Martin Brundle.......even after she witnessed him become a fly monster and then use a living person to cure himself.  You might remember the actress who played her: Daphne Zuniga, from her role in Space Balls as Princess Vespa.  The reason I'm talking about the actors in the films so much is because of the art style in this book.  They look exactly like the actors portraying the characters and I think it really adds to this feeling of this being a true continuation of the story.  Anyway, Martin and Beth are married and when are story begins it's the day of their anniversary and apparently these two are into some freaky ass ball gag type shit, but it's at this point where I begin having problems with the story......not because of the kink of course.  We find out that Martin down right refuses to have sex with Beth without a condom and initially I could get behind this because if I was the offspring of a Fly monster, I wouldn't want to continue the family line either, but then we continue and find out that becoming a Fly can possibly be transmitted sexually.......... and that just goes against everything that we've seen in the previous two movies.  The next day we head back to Bartok Industries, where we find out that Anton Bartok himself has graduated from simply being a crawling-inside out-freak monster, to a full blown FLY, but like the new sexually transmitted Fly disease, this too comes off not quite right.

Have we talked about Martin Brundle being a genius?  You see, since Martin was conceived when his father Seth already began his transformation into a fly, Seth's intelligence was passed down to Martin, thus creating a boy genius...... So when Martin shows up to work and simply says that instead of down regulating Bartok's fly genes, he must have up regulated them instead, I couldn't help but cry foul and then demand at the page to see his genius qualifications.  So yeah, Bartok became a fly unlike anything that we've ever seen before and while I can say that it would look different than Jeff Goldblum's and Eric Stoltz's, this four armed Fly monster, who has wings that can actually fly, really goes against what the films have shown us before.  Let's take a look at all the transformations over the years.




Like I said, this is a new way of becoming a fly, but this version just doesn't jive with what we've seen before and after this long between Fly stories, this is more for the fans and being one myself, I would have kind of liked to see something more familiar to at least start out with.

In the end, Bartok creates havoc throughout the building until he finally finds Martin and using a text to voice device, tells Martin that he wants him to confess for turning him into a monster..........which seemed like it was pretty common knowledge, but who am I to argue with a terrifying fly monster that could yack digestive acid all over me?  The confession is all for not though because before Bartok could receive any satisfaction, the security showed up and shot their former employer down.  This would be all fine and good like we saw at the end of the first Fly movie, but here it seems that becoming a Fly can also be transmitted through contact and blood and everyone who was in the facility...........who's still alive are put under quarantine until Marin is able to rule everyone out of being contaminated or until he finds a cure.

That's it for the first issue of The Fly: Outbreak and while I was really looking forward to getting back into this world of mad scientists and the pods they love to teleport through, this new direction with how one becomes a fly is seriously leaving me wondering why it needed to be changed so drastically.  Yeah, we've kind of played out the Telepods and the fusion between human and insect, but changing the continuity without any real exposition about why or how is just frustrating ........Especially as a fan.  Even with my continuity disappointments, I was happy as hell when I opened this book and saw the art because it really allowed me to immerse myself and allow me to believe that this is an actual sequel to The Fly 2 because of how accurate the characters looked to the actors who played them.  I just wish that I could get behind the story more.

Bits and Pieces:

While fans might be happy that there's a continuation to the Fly series........ and that's only if they didn't completely despise The Fly 2, I don't see this comic being for anyone who isn't familiar with the movie series.  Not enough exposition to try and make new fans and continuity flaws that kind of alienate the original fans.  The only real advantage that this book has is menton3's ability to accurately portray the look of the actors who played our characters........Even if that means we have to look at Eric Stoltz....... I still loved the art.  So yeah, not the best first outing for this series.


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