Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Action Comics #42 Review

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Aaron Kuder
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015

Me and Lorenzo Rolling in a Benz-o

Last issue of Action Comics left us with the cliffhanger of Clark fighting a shadow monster while the good people at the "Superman Block Party" were about to receive a bit of a police beat down.  It was the beginning of the Truth story and still my favorite issue of the arc.  Usually, I'd be recapping the other books (Superman, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman) to get y'all up to speed, but no need here.  This story has been unique in that while it is an overreaching arc, each book has it's own individual thing going on.  That's a plus if you don't want to read every issue, but kind of a minus if you do since the overall story comes off a bit disjointed at times.  Is Action Comics still my favorite book int the Truth story?  let's find out...

The issue starts off by reminding us how we left Superman and his local supporters.  The police are bearing down on "Kentville" while Clark is fighting the shadow monster.  While I really liked seeing Clark go wild on the monster, I can't help but feel that Greg Pak is trying to force this police brutality story down the reader's throat.

So far, the Truth has been all about what it takes to be a hero.  Superman might be depowered, but he keeps showing that a true hero does what it takes, no matter the odds.  If you haven't figured that out yet, don't worry because while Clark fights the monster, he tells us.  He also kicks major ass.  One of the best things about this story is being able to see Clark fight without holding back.  I would almost feel bad for the shadow monster if I wasn't laughing at Clark riding it like a rodeo bull.

Everyone knows that Superman had a secret identity to protect those he loved, but Pak is showing us that it's even more far reaching than that.  The Metropolis Police have targeted the people of Kentville for...liking Superman?  I thought they were going in under the guise of the people possibly being infected by the Doomsday Virus, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  We kind of learn why the Sergeant in charge hates Superman, but going after these people still feels wrong and even a bit silly.

Before things get too out of hand, Clark shows up and...things get out of hand.  I know I already said that this part felt silly, but it was still cool to see Superman do his best Rocky impersonation.  He's not getting killed, he's getting mad!  The issue ends with Clark doing what everybody reading this book was hoping he'd do, but was probably the one thing he shouldn't have.  Things are going to get worse before they get better I'm afraid.

I didn't like this issue much at all.  The whole police brutality story just felt forced to me.  It's bad enough that we don't get any real motivation for the police action, but worse that the majority of the police present have more reason to thank Superman for all he's done.  Please don't give me the "I'm tired of picking up after you" reason the Sergeant gives, because that is just lame.  That shouldn't equal out to beating up and gassing innocents.

I am a fan of Aaron Kuder and like the art in this issue.  I'm also a fan of all three colorists (Tomeu Morey, Hi-Fi and Blond), but having that many gives the book a couple jarring transitions.  The biggest was near the end when Clark shows up with the anchor chain.  I actually thought it was someone else art besides Kuder.

Bits and Pieces:

I didn't like this issue.  While I still like the idea of seeing Clark depowered and exposed, the police brutality story in this issue felt forced.  Maybe it will be explained better in the next issue (The American Way?), but as of now, I can't recommend it.  I liked Aaron Kuder's art, but having three colorists caused some noticeable transitions.  It's still early, but I'm losing patience with the Truth.



  1. Heh, when I saw the editorial caption to "see Superman #42!" I knew you'd be pissed off. I didn't hate this story but it was probably the art talking. There are some phenomenal panels in this issue--like when Clark stands against the police with that chain, it's a ridiculous scene but it looks so cool. Anyway I really came in here to say BEST TITLE FOR A COMIC BOOK REVIEW EVER!!!

    1. I did like the art, but why would they have 3 colorists??? I liked the Superman parts of the story, but the police part is so heavy handed.
      The story better end with that cop being told,
      "The jury has found you guilty of being a redneck
      White bread, chickenshit mother******"

    2. That song's about Lorenzo Lamas The Renegade right?

  2. My impression is Superman's outing is being used as an excuse for urban gentrification, which is part of some larger government coverup involving Intergang (AC/SB).

  3. Yeah it's strange. Cops are after him so forcefully in action and BM/SM While in SM/WM possibly the government has kidnapped people from smallvile including his parents caskets.