Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bizarro #2 Review

Written by: Heath Corson
Art by: Gustavo Duarte, Kelley Jones, Michelle Madsen, Francis Manapul and Pete Pantazis
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015

He's My Favorite Honkey!

This book was my first true taste of what the DC You could bring us and is still one of my favorite books of the first month of this brave new world.  It doesn't hurt that I'm a huge Bizarro fan, but Heath Corson does such a good job that even those turned off by Bizarro talk (I'm looking at you, Eric) can still enjoy it.  The secret ingredient in this tasty recipe?  Jimmy Olsen.  In fact, this is just as much a Jimmy Olsen book as it is a Bizarro one and the two come off as a comic book version of Crosby and Hope.  For you younger readers, that is a huge compliment. So, did this second issue live up to the hype I created in my mind?  let's find out...

The issue starts with one of my favorite uses of kiddie art I've ever seen.  It's silly, cute and fits the tone of this book so well.  For the uninitiated, last issue involved Bizarro, Jimmy and Colin (the chupacabra) stopping in Smallville after their car was wrecked.  Enter some aliens, mind control and a sales pitch that would make Crazy Eddie green with envy and we had a great first issue.  This issue certainly continues the madness.

This issue mainly features Bizarro versus King Tut (the car salesman, not the boy king) in a battle royal for Jimmy Olsen's mind and a good interest rate.  The reader gets a good representation of Bizarro's superpower skill set, but in the end, it's Colin who saves the day.  The cute chupacabra does a little brain munching and gets Jimmy (and Tuttle's daughter) back to normal, but Bizarro steps to the plate to take care of Tut himself.  He goes with a classic and uses hypnosis to make Tut think he's a chicken.  It's hilarious, but leaves Bizarro and Jimmy with a life long enemy that is sure to pop up before this mini run is over.

Meanwhile, our three heroes head off on a whirlwind tour of the DCU (not You...or maybe You...I don't know anymore) with stops in Gotham, Central City, Coast City,  Louisiana and more.  Each stop has an appropriate guest or gag that will have fans laughing.  My favorite...Swamp Thing.

After a quick run in with the X-Files agents introduced last issue, they end up in an old west ghost town that really lives up to it's name.  If you are a fan of Jonah Hex, you need to grab next month's issue.

This issue is more setup than I would have expected in a limited series run and I wish we got more time in some of the locations just glanced over.  That being said, I had a great time reading it.  Jimmy and Bizarro are solid gold together and I'm looking forward to seeing some old west action as well as more of sort of Mulder and Scully.  I'm calling them Mully and Sculder.

The art in this issue is a grab bag of fun.  With so many artists involved, it's bound to have some transition issues, but the layout and writing make it all make perfect a crazy, insane way.

Bits and Pieces:

While this issue is a bit more setup than expected and Heath Corson zips through some great opportunities, it's still a really fun issue.  The combination of zany story and greatly appropriate art make Bizarro a one-stop shop for smiles.  You like smiling, don't you?


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  1. i dont usually laugh at comics...but when i do...its either this or jl3000 XD