Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Action Comics #44 Review

Written by: Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
Art by: Aaron Kuder, Howard Porter and Tomeu Morey
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 9, 2015

The Final Setup

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have not been enjoying the Truth story.  There are a boat load of reasons, but I think it boils down to the non cohesiveness of the books in regards to each other and the actual stories not being that interesting in the first place.  That being said, Action Comics has been my favorite book in the story and while it hasn't been perfect, I liked last issue because we at least got a villain.  Shadow Monsters may not be an all-time great, but it made sense in the story and I was looking forward to how this Truth book ended it's story.  Well, now that I read the issue, is this still my favorite Truth book?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Superman and a couple good boys in blue pumping Shadow Monsters with lead and fists.  We found out last issue that the shadow monsters had infiltrated the Mayor's office and this issue we find out that the Mayor is actually the villain, Wrath.  As far as reveals, I was lukewarm with this one.  Superman immediately faces Wrath and it's obvious that she is feeding off his rage.

I can't say that this beginning had me on the edge of my seat.  Finding out that the person you knew was bad is a bit badder is never going to set the world on fire, but at least it does set up the story going forward.

Greg Pak then takes us across town to Lee.  If there is a breakout star of the Truth story, it might as well be her.  While I wasn't too keen about her at the beginning, I have actually grown to like her over the course of the story.  Her and Jimmy end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up smack dab in a Shadow Monster outbreak.

The story goes back and forth between Lee and Superman and we see that some people have started trusting Clark again and that Lee has been infected by the Shadow Monsters.  The battle of Superman versus Wrath ends with Wrath pretty satisfied by all the rage she has driven out of Supes while Lee harnesses her Shadow self to save people.  I didn't mind the first part, but I really need more proof before I can trust that Lee has the Shadow under her own control.  Greg Pak then shows us that not everyone is on the Superman trolley, but Superman doesn't have time for that, he's starting his hunt for Wrath.

The issue ends with a very strange bit where we see Wrath, but really don't learn that much more about her.  I'm sure we will learn more next month, but I would have loved to have gotten something to get me pumped for the next issue.

I really came away from this issue with little feelings about what I just read.  While it continues the action from last issue, it just felt paper thin.  This was supposed to be the finale of this book's Truth story and all we get is setup.  After this and Batman/Superman, I'm sensing a trend here.

I did like the art in this issue.  Aaron Kuder has been the best artist in the whole Truth story and he continues laying claim to that title in this issue.  Howard Porter did the art in the last part and while I love his art, it was a bit of a jarring transition and seemed out of place here.  All in all, however, the art was the highlight of the issue.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue fell flat for me as a Truth story and a Superman story in general.  While I was hoping the final chapter of the story might give us a satisfying conclusion of sorts, t just gave us setup for the book going forward.  Really?  That's the Truth, huh??



  1. it's a REAL shame!!!
    and i was enjoying this run on Action Comics too, and it ended with a thud!

    at least the art was dynamic?

    overall this weeks DC comics i read have all been pretty disappointing!!!
    especially Batman 44!

  2. So what ive gathered: the truth stories seem to only really be the beginning of a bigger story...which i'd be okay with if there was better explanation
    like maybe the next arc superman begins getting his powers back, and then it leads to him back in his normal suit and the end truth is:

    It doesnt matter if you have the strength or power...clark will always be superman, because he saves and inspires the people of this planet no matter what.

    ...or I could just be overthinking it XD

  3. So... this Wrath person is why Superman is depowered?? Or is he depowered from Hodor's suck robots?? Or maybe he's depowered from Ukur's suck grenade?? This TRUTH storyline is really frustrating!

    1. i think he just became weak from overuse of the super solar flare. the events of all the Truth storylines are just the aftermath

    2. Flaring changed his DNA as well to the point that the Fortress of Solitude doesn't recognize him?? I like the concept of a depowered Superman but nothing adds up. Maybe there are more reveals coming that explain everything!

    3. I actually did a fanboy theory on the depowering you can take a look here

    4. I remember that now, thanks for the refresher! Your third theory is my pick. Something has been very off with Superman's behavior ever since TRUTH started. Plus he had plenty of opportunities to get stuck or captured before TRUTH started. I'm going with a Superman from a different universe. Makes me a little more optimistic now, much appreciated Jody.

  4. Truth is Clark got ahold of some krypton shrooms and this entire arc has been a bad trip his secrets are safe..well id like that twist then what we got expect for Lee im expecting big things from her soon

    1. at least that would be a better explanation. Yea, I think that Lee will be a big thing in the next arc and I remember Pak saying she would be very important (something about why he gave her the initials LL)

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