Friday, September 11, 2015

Green Lantern 75th Anniversary: Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Green Lantern Villains

Welcome back to our Top 5 Friday: Green Lantern 75th Anniversary edition! This is the second Top 5 of this celebration, so if you didn't see the first one, click HERE ! This week we'll be covering what most consider important to every superhero; their supervillains! The Lantern corps has an entire galaxy filled with villains, so I apologize if there isn't one you the readers want, but this is my list and my opinion. ENOUGH CHATTER! LETS BEGIN!

5: Sinestro
Sinestro has always been the opposite side of the coin to Hal Jordan. Where Hal is loud and unpredictable, Sinestro is Quiet and brilliant. He always finds a way to outsmart every lantern and enemy of his corps. The only real reason why he is so high up on the list is that as of the recent stories, Sinestro has become more anti-hero than villain. He isn't even wrong in his approach to maintain control. Granted its a very brutal and unheroic way, but if he didn't kill, he'd be the Batman of the Lantern corps. If you want a villainous version of the character, take a look at the Injustice version. What he does to Kyle Rayner in the first issue of year two should speak for itself.

4: Atrocitus
I think an act of heroic mistake makes the best villains. What I mean by that is the villain is created by an incident that a "hero" couldn't stop. The Manhunters were meant to be the perfect force to keeping peace. A little tweak later and everything in sector 666 is gone...and from the blood rose Atrocitus. Besides his backstory, Atrocitus makes for such an interesting character. He is the equivalent of a space warlock and space barbarian. A master of blood magic, he was the one who learned the prophecy of Blackest Night, wounded Abin Sur to crashing to Earth, and was the one created the fan favorite Lantern Corps of rage. Hopefully the Red Lantern Corps comes back in future storylines being lead by this guy, because he certainly is the embodiment of rage.

3: Black Hand
Next up we have another fan favorite, one of the most dangerous lanterns in the universe, and the center of the Blackest Night. As with most people, I learned of him from the Blackest Night event and how creepy the guy is. His obsession with death and dark history built a villain straight out of  not just a horror movie, but a cheesy one as well. Most villains can be taken much too seriously, but for Black Hand he can actually swing both ways. One minute he can be the Grim Reaper, the next the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. He has proven himself time and time again to be one of the biggest threats in the universe, accomplishing such tasks as resurrecting the entirety of the Source Wall. Hopefully he returns to bringing the dead back sooner rather than later.

2: Volthoom the First Lantern
Here is another example of what I was saying about Atrocitus; The best villains are made from heroic mistakes. While it was much to early to call the Guardians heroes, their intentions for the universe were good. He is such an amazing villain due to the fact of his power and history. He didn't want to become the villain, he just found something that made him a high priority target. It kind of makes you feel bad that he's pretty much strapped in to suck energy out of. Then he has the power. As its shown in the picture above, he becomes god-like, splitting and changing a person's life to gain more power. Not even Sinestro with a Parallax power boost can stand against the power Volthoom. Granted he is no longer a threat, but for the time he was in the universe, he was a bigger threat than even the Anti-Monitor

1: Krona

Where Abin Sur was at the center of the events that lead up to the Blackest Night, Krona was at the center of most of the problems in the Green Lantern Mythos. He was the one who suggested holding the First Lantern hostage, created the light construct technology, and tweaked the Manhunters to go on their killing spree of sector 666; AND THATS JUST THE CURRENT CONTINUITY! He has done worse in the Pre-New 52 such as creating the friggin' Anti-Monitor! He has always been the center of all things that plagued the corps, right down to the madness of the Guardians. When he died at Hal Jordan's hands, it instantly scared the guardians into creating the Third Army. Whenever the Lantern Corps will grow their mythos, you can expect to see this fallen guardian creating more issues for them.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! Who is your favorite enemy of the Lantern Corps? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. Maybe a little too new? No Star Saphire? No Tattooed Man? ;)
    I do feel like they keep circling the same villians...maybe it's just me...Chuck

    1. Never read about Tattooed man, and most of the storylines i read Star Sapphire has been pretty neutral good

  2. Maybe a little too new? No Star Saphire? No Tattooed Man? ;)
    I do feel like they keep circling the same villians...maybe it's just me...Chuck

  3. What ever happened to Gold Face? Why doesn't anyone give a shit about Gold Face!?