Thursday, September 17, 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Javier Pina, Chris Sotomayor, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 16, 2015

Let's Get On With It

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Hey, you all know that Universe that existed before our own?  Yeah, well that's where our Green Lantern Corps are and even though we're four issues in at this point.....with only two more to go, that's about all we know from this comic.  It's been a tough read because I love the Lanterns and picking this series up month after month has just been a real disappointment because nothing besides space battle after space battle has really taken place and after each issue I've just been left scratching my head with a stupid look on my jerk off face.  What I'm getting at is....... Let's Get On With It!  We need some answers and at this point it seems like it's really unlikely that we'll be given a decent explanation about what the point of this series was about, but chin up all you sad sacks because it could still happen.  Our heroes have teamed up with Relic at this point, but before anything could be realized or theorized, some light pirates have shown up and as we saw in our cliffhanger last month, it looks like Arisia might have gone down in battle....... Lousy light draining beams.  Let's dive into this issue and see what's what.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with more of that space fighting that we've all come to know from this series, but at least here we're only continuing where we left off and all you Arisia lovers can sleep well tonight because she hasn't been killed like a lot of Lanterns of late, but even with this realization you're heart palpitations just might continue because our heroes' enemies are just too much for them with their pesky light stealing tech and after Relic and Krona high tail it to escape their own deaths, our Lanterns are overpowered.  Don't worry though because this leads to a rousing flashback where we find out that John Stewart isn't someone who leaves a fellow soldier behind......... I don't know about the rest of you, but these constant flashbacks to John's time as a Marine aren't really doing anything for me and don't really feel like they're doing anything for the story.......... you know, since we already know John pretty well.

After the flashback we see that our heroes were captured and brought to a sort of prison, where their captors apparently take prisoners individually and suck the emotion right out of their bodies .....which......which I guess kills them for some reason, but to me this seems like what the Paling are doing over in Sinestro..... which is another Cullen Bunn book...... Hey!  Is there some sort of connection?  Yeah, probably not, but it made me feel good for a minute so just let me have it.  In this prison bit besides for seeing what's going down with the light pirates and their insatiable need to have emotional light, we see something that I always take for granted in reading Green Lantern.  Since our heroes have obviously had their rings taken from them, it's a bit of a struggle to understand one another..... gotta love Universal Translators.  One good piece of news though, we get to see that Salaak and B'dg have survived in this series and thanks to our little squirrel Lantern, our heroes might have a chance of escape, since he's small enough to travel through the air vents.  

So yeah, that's about it.  Shit has gone bad, our heroes are captured and we spend the majority of this issue having our characters talk to or in some cases try to talk to one another about what's happened and still having no real answers.  Because I don't want to leave the Explain It! section being a Negative Nancy, I'll tell you the part that I laughed the most at and that's where Guy Gardner and Kilowog are discussing John's leadership skills while beating the hell out of their cellmates, who are natives to this Universe.  The reason it's so funny to me is because I never once saw any of these other prisoners provoke our heroes.  We begin and end their section with them just kicking the shit out of people while Guy questions John's integrity.  

That's it for this issue of Green Lantern: Lost Army and while I will tell you that this is the best issue of this series so far....... it's only because we actually have something going on besides for the monotonous fly through space and fight someone issues that we've gotten from the start..... Yeah, we had space fighting, but we also discovered other Lanterns and have something for our heroes to overcome.  So yeah!  Shit is going down and this book is finally doing something..... well, for two more issues.  This has been a very disappointing series and it sucks that I have to praise this issue for being the best just because something happens.  The art like every other issue is great when it comes to characters, but the backgrounds have been replaced from black space to white walls...... so nothing much going on there.  At least I can tell you that the colors are spectacular.  That's at least something, right?

Bits and Pieces:

While this is probably the best issue of Lost Army, it's only because something finally happens to further the story, but at this late in the game it feels too little too late.  The series is coming to an end and the most that I can say for it is that the characters looked great and it had some excellent colors.  Hopefully, we get a decent conclusion but right now it doesn't seem likely.



  1. I didnt realize this was only six issues so much worse to me now, but my biggest question is what the hell ever happened to simon baz B'dg was his partner would be nice to know if this dudes like ya know a frozen corpes in space

    1. DC has kept Simon out of the fight for a while now. They are going to use him here soon to save the day!

  2. Hope this means that a Sinestro Corps War 2 is coming up since the Greens will be back and the Yellows are the police in town and there is only room for one added to the fact that Sinestro is annoying all the other Corps I think it will be The GLC, Blue Lanterns(hopefully the have rebuilt), Red Lanterns( hopefully they will rebuild), the sapphires being ally's with the Greens and the Indigos getting attacked by Sinestro and Larfleeze being M.I.A. Sinestro and his corps are gonna get wrecked. Just spare Romat Ru and Arkillo please.