Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode #36: Haters Gonna Hate

Jim and Eric get together this week to talk comics, Star Wars...who am I kidding?!?  They get together to bitch and moan about the shit storm surrounding Eric's less than flattering review of Batman #44.  It really had Eric down the whole week and Jim does nothing to help his buddy feel better.  They also breakdown most of this week's books (including Batman #44) and have a very extended version of The Other Side talking Star Wars with Ryan.  Of course, there is also DC Comics News, Listener Mail and Reggie's Recklessness.  It's another long one, but we hope you enjoy it.

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DC Comics books reviewed: Batman #44, Action Comics #44, Batman/Superman #24, Earth 2 Society #4, Justice League United #13, Red Hood/Arsenal #4, Injustice: Year Four #19, Batman: Arkham Knight #30, New Suicide Squad #12, Starfire #4, Catwoman #44 and All-Star Section Eight #4

DC Comics News: Batman Day giveaways, Harley Quinn Black Book announced, Batman '66 crossing over with the Man from UNCLE
Brightest Daycare's Other Side: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1

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  1. Eric; I think you're focusing on tidbits of continuity that are simply no longer valid. Events from the Pre-52 may have happened, but we know that they didn't happen in the same way. For example, Batman already knew Tommy Elliot, but Catwoman doesn't know who he is. There is nothing in the New 52 that contradicts Batman being an inspirational figure since nearly the beginning of his career. In fact, there is evidence of the contrary; Batman in the New 52 is so popular that Arkham Knight was released in-universe, he is Hal Jordan's nephew's favorite hero, everyone by was in his side by the end Eternal despite the police was besmirching his name etc. etc. All this indicates that he hasn't been merely "cracking skulls", but rather he's been inspiring people for a long time now.

    Jim; I don't this issue is spectacular or topical, because it focuses on police brutality, but rather the opposite. Whereas, Police violence was the main focus of that Detective Comics issue you are talking about (that was the cliffhanger) in Batman it was merely footnote. That's why the issue doesn't touch more on Howler or whether Batman arrests him, because it wasn't him. The issue was about the kid and how society had basically estranged him. I think that's what makes it topical; a lot of people feel left out by society. And sure, you can say that's it's not a new thing, but that doesn't mean that it's not a current thing. As for the Gordon/Penguin relationship, and the whole villains list; I hadn't really thought about it, but now that you mention it I agree. It would have been fun if the issue made it more obvious that this was rookie Batman.