Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gotham Season 2 Episode 3 "The Last Laugh" Review *SPOILERS*


There are some 
MAJOR SPOILERS in this review

Well this is it! The conclusion to the first story arc of Gotham Season 2, and HOLY CRAP what a fantastic episode. I'm not even going to wait till the end to say how great this episode actually was, because it was!  This season so far really has shown that there is merit to the show that wasn't in season 1. This is no longer the forced reference show that leapt onto our screens fall last year. It shows that it can stand up as an equal to the other shows on the CW. Why am I praising this episode? Lets dive in and find out...

We open with the dynamic duo of the GCPD trying to find a throwing people out windows. I know this seems like a very odd start especially with Gordon's background of being the white knight, but he is guided in anger, which definitely highlights the relationship Gordon had to Captain Essen and the rest of the GCPD.

This soon leads them to the home of Paul Cicero AKA The Blind Fortune Teller, AKA the father of Jerome. Before Gordon and Bullock get there though, Jerome is already there talking to his father one last time. Its a dark and momentous scene that ends any hope for Jerome to come back, because he didn't want to. It also gave us a line I feel describes the Joker perfectly.
This would end in the death of both Cicero and having both our favorite cops knocked out as Jerome got away.

We then get to the main event; a gala that has most of our main characters attending, including Bruce and Dr. Thompkins. We have the good doctor interacting with Alfred, who tries his best at flirting with her, which actually eased some of my pent up tension. It may have been awkward for Alfred, but I feel after a tense scene like with Cicero and Jerome, you need a little laugh before kicking us with tension again.

Soon Jerome arrives and Galavan's master plan comes to the spotlight: He's going to stop the Maniax and be the hero Gotham deserves and needs. UNFORTUNATELY Jerome sees otherwise and has Barbara knock him out as he holds Bruce hostage. The mannerisms Cameron Monaghan gives in this performance makes him so believable as the Joker...then Galavan got up and had to stab him, saving Bruce and the crowd...yup, we got punked.

In the end, Bullock goes to Penguin and tells him to get off Jim's back over the little deals, or he'll have to deal with him. This scene is great because of how Bullock feels genuine in every word. He will kill him for Fish, and he really only sees him as the umbrella holder.

That being said, it gets overshadowed by the closing moments of the episode...where young men all over the city begin laughing along with archival footage of Jerome's killings. To add to the atmosphere, the final words of Jerome's father narrated... You will be a curse upon Gotham. Something children wake up screaming. Your legacy shall be DEATH.
It showed what I said a long time ago: The Joker's true identity should remain a mystery, and to an extent it is. Yes, Cameron Monaghan would have made a brilliant Joker, but in the end the Joker must remain a mystery. It was a brilliant way to set up the future for the Clown Prince of Crime, even though it cost us one of the series best characters.

+ Character interactions for the win!
+ Galavan Twist!
+ Cameron Monaghan's Acting!
+ A perfect way to set up the Joker!



  1. The guy who played Jerome, played him so well. I can't believe they're just going to let this actor disappear from the show. If anything I think there is a good chance we'll see him back as the Red Hood in a season or two.

    1. I agree, Monaghan nailed the part...but i dont thinkthey should bring him back. As I said, Joker is supposed to be an enigma, so to have this guy inspire the future joker makes perfect sense.

  2. Best episode to date!! Will be interesting to see if the CoOwls makes it into the story.