Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 39: Horror Out Loud

While the podcast starts with Jim pissed off and eventually kicking his computer, Eric calms him down and they get to all of this week's books.  We get the last email ever from Reggie and instead of his Recklessness, Professor DC tells everyone about the Royal Flush Gang.  We also find out that Saturday Night Fever was indeed rated R and Dan left the Geek News to chase his dreams...which gives Jim and Eric nightmares.  All this and more on episode 39 of Weird Out Loud!

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DC Comics Books Reviewed: Justice League #44, Grayson Annual #2, Superman #44, Green Lantern Annual #4, Batman Annual #4, New Suicide Squad Annual #1 and Aquaman #44

DC Comics News: Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot/Katana announced, HBO talks to Zach Snyder about Watchmen series and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gets PG 13 Rating

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  1. Nice podcast, man. I have to take Eric's side on the Grayson Anual thought, bro. It was quality writing, dude. Also, nice Dr. DC voice..bro.

  2. nice, bro. But I think the Grayson Annual was a 5, man.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dr. DC segment and the whole show has been a lot more enjoyable without the ear piercing voice of Dans.

    1. wait until you hear professor DC this week! And thanks...I promise I'll be in a better mood this week as well

    2. don't make promises you can't possibly deliver

    3. you may be right! I still will be talking to Eric, after all.