Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Omega Men #5 Review

Losing My Religion

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Barnaby Bagenda, Romulo Fajardo  Jr. and Pat Brosseau
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 7, 2015

Unless you are late to the party, you already know that The Omega Men was cancelled and then snatched from the jaws of death due to what DC called "Fan Outcry".  Call me a cynic, but I don't believe that for one second.  However, I think that the reason this book has survived is even's too important to end.  But Jim, what's so important about it?  Well, imaginary person, let me tell you...Kyle Rayner.  I think the Green Lantern who may still be a White Lantern has to figure into this whole Lost Army/Edge of Oblivion/Renegade story and you all will see I'm right when Spring rolls around.  The best part is that even if I'm wrong, we still get more Omega Men and that's a win as well because I do love this book and may even have been part of the outcry with a couple of well placed tweets (I wrote "I'm going to miss Omega men" and accidentally sent it twice).  So, does this first issue after being saved start down the road of my bold prediction and make everyone happy this book will continue?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Broot and Scapps walking up the stairs of the Changralynian Temple of Omega being pelted with insults and crap...yes, crap.  I'll give it to Broot for seeing the bright side of life as he remarks that crap beats rocks, but Scrapps isn't so cheery.  She threatens what may be thousands of angry onlookers before joining Broot and the rest of the Omega Men inside the Temple.  I love Scrapps.

If you have been reading this series, you know the deal.  Tom King has tiptoed around the overall story and given the reader bits and pieces that after a handful of issues still don't equal any clear direction.  I'm not saying this as a matter of complaint...yet.

The story continues and we find out that all these pomp and circumstances are so that a peaceful exchange can be made to ensure the safety of the kidnapped Princess Kalista.  Kidnapped, huh? Kalista is certainly playing her role well and a masked Kyle Rayner is along for the ride.  I can't say that any of this makes a lick of sense, but it's these "lived in" moments that intrigue me the most with this book.  Tom King does a great job of making the events seem like they would exist whether we are around to see them or not.

The reason the Omega Men are there is to gain the Key of Omega and thus the key to their salvation. It's one of those things that children tell stories about and righteous men give their lives to get.  The Omega Men are going to use Broot to get it...hopefully.  How will he accomplish such a feat?  By pounding the hell out of the "First Stone", that's how.

While all this is (kind of) explained, we also get an origin story of Broot.  His real name was Charis-Nar and he was raised by the High Pontifix until he accused the Temple of sin and corruption and was branded a "Broot" because of it.  Yes, Broot is not a good thing to be called.  As far as the Changralynians are concerned, Broot is trying to get the Key to cleanse his soul.

After a few hours of Broot's rock pounding, Primus discovers a very troublesome truth...the Pontifix has sold his team out to the Citadel whose fleet is ready in attack formation.  While Broot is being accepted back into the fold, the Citadel's troops crash into the Temple and close in on the other Omega Men.  In a great show of strength, Broot gains the Key of Omega, but the issue ends with most of the crew captured.

I really can't say that I understood everything that went on in this issue, but I also can't say I hated it. Tom King continues the (very, very) slow burn story and he is not holding the reader's hand one bit. The problem is, as the story has progressed, the lack of information has gone from intriguing to frustrating and while I love the sense of discovery this Universe is giving us, I want some answers to back it all up.  Hopefully, that comes sometime soon, because it's not to be found here.

I love Barnaby Bagenda's art and this issue is no exception.  His character work is just excellent and his use of depth and perspective makes this book a pleasure to just look at.  I can't wait to see what he does when this book really opens up and gives him more of the Universe to play around in.

Bits and Pieces:

I still love the Omega Men and am so glad that it survived the chopping block.  However, I really need to get some real information of where this story is going soon because I don't want to give up on it and I fear that decision is drawing near.  I have been faithful through all of the whispers and mysteries  and I think I deserve something for my effort.  While Barnaby Bagenda's art is great, Tom King needs to step up the story and do it soon or I'm afraid that the fan outcry will turn into something less positive.



  1. This comic can turn into One Piece of DC if the jackasses in suits let it breathe the same goes for furious fandom. Western culture is accustomed to fast-paced rythms. Why the comments of discomfort; a story isn't like a flower to bloom overnight and it needs effort, patience and talent to bear fruit. Even if each comic drags the story into Dragonball development proportions still worths every cent spent. Omega Men are not the typical comic creations, they are not color coded and defy every social standard which keeps readers set apart from them and that slides the niche to obscurity.

    1. I hope you know, I have been championing this book since issue #1 and love the fact that the story is slowly developing organically, but I want something to keep me coming back and we are getting to the point of no return. I know everyone wants to blame Mr. DC and the boys (who may have been a rap group in the late 80's), but if a book doesn't sell, it disappears and I can't see this book getting any new readers. Add to that that it's one of the poorest selling DC books and I give DC kudos for letting it continue.

  2. "Unless you are late to the party, you already know that The Omega Men was cancelled and then snatched from the jaws of death due to what DC called "Fan Outcry". Call me a cynic, but I don't believe that for one second."

    Actually, Jim Lee said that there was pushback from creators and editors at DC. You can probably bet that one of those creators was Scott Snyder, who had been raving about the book on Twitter (and it wouldn't surprise that he would stick up for another Bat writer in his editorial office).

    1. that may be the case...but after losing 2 million dollars the last period, it would take more than that and fan outcry to continue to publish a book that only sells 11,000. My guess is that number goes down to 9 next month and keeps slipping. It is the 3rd worst selling monthly they publish.

      All that being said, I really like it, just not this issue. Everytime we talk about it on our podcast, I have to argue with Eric about how good it is.

    2. thinking about it...I bet it's the GL people that pressured them because of what Kyle means to the overall story they are cooking up