Friday, October 23, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Comics Characters that Creep me the ^%&! Out

Welcome back to a very creepy edition of Top 5 Fridays! Halloween is next week and I felt we should cover some of the more creepier things in the next two Top 5's. This week I'll be covering the Top 5 characters that creep me out. These will be judged on how they look, act, talk and stuff of that nature. As usual I remind everyone this is my list, so if you don't see a creepy monster or villain on this list, I apologize. Enough talk! Lets begin...
5: Ultra-Humanite(New-52)
Hey remember that albino gorilla with the sophisticated accent in the Justice League Cartoon? Would you believe me if I said the alien above was that ape? No? Because I didn't either. As much of a villain the Gorilla version was, This new Ultra-Humanite is the creature of nightmares. Design wise his otherworldly appearance still makes me question where this creature came from...or where he got the skull he holds in place with his tentacles. He is a parasite that thrives on fear, which is perfect since his infection can be so terrifying. His creatures just latch on like Face-Huggers from Alien and go to town. To make matters worse, the way he talks about how good Clark "tasted" makes the entire Fear sucking thing that much creepier. For a comic based around action, Ultra-Humanite sure filled the horror category!

4: Scarecrow(Arkhamverse)
I might not want to look Arkhamverse in the eye after the friggin' Riddler Races in Arkham Knight, but one of the best and creepiest characters in the series obviously would be the master of fear. The Arkhamverse is full of creepy imagery, but whenever Scarecrow is involved, it gets ten times creepier. In Asylum, he uses his gas to make Batman see the corpses of his parents come to life. In City, you see his plans begin to come to fruition with a creepy jumpscare. In Knight, everything he does is creepy! The way he moves, the way he talks, almost every interaction with Scarecrow made me more terrified of him. You want a scary villain to face this Halloween? Look no further than here! 

3: Court of the Owls

When Batman says that he is watching over the city, it would creep out criminals. When the story changes and an entire organization is watching over the city it creeps ME out. Snyder crafted a story around this Court that makes it feel that it was always in DC even before the New 52 relaunch, and Snyder's art made it creepy ESPECIALLY THAT FRIGGIN' MAZE! When we finally get them alone we don't even see the Court as a bunch of rich assholes with owl masks(which on there own is already creep). We see them as monstrous owl people, one of which being a creepy child. If you think they aren't so bad, its fine, but remember: They are so creepy it made Batman have a freak out!

2: Ultra Comics
I always get a sense of dread whenever I see something breaking the fourth wall in a creepy way. Sure it can be Funny like Deadpool, but an example of a creepy fourth wall break would be when a monster or villain stares out at you when at the end of a scary movie. THIS fourth wall break was practically a friggin' a year in the making. Throughout the entire Multiversity Series, we see wars, suicides, invasions etc. come from the same thing: Ultra Comics. It was built up so amazingly that I knew I had to get the Comic in print. When I read it, I got chills. I know the story isn't real but even the cover already starts the creep factor when the hero is ordering you must not read the comic while he's on fire. Then it just gets creepier from there with references to the past and the Gentry breaking the fourth wall over and over again. Let's just say theres a reason I keep it out of sight.

1: Anton Arcane
Every time I see this character I instantly want to close the comic. Not from hatred of the character, but the disgust I get when I see him. He is an atrocious monster, both physically and mentally. Physically he uses skin suits to hide in the populace, only to explode from it as shown above. Mentally Anton is one of those characters that have absolutely no redeeming qualities. Joker can be liked because of the fact, he has a very dark sense of humor to hide the evil, but this guy?! He keeps trying to corrupt his blood daughter and make her his bride. He has killed all avatars of the Red and Green of all ages AND EATS THEM! He is the perfect horror movie villain and why he is number one.

Thats it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What characters do you find creeping you out? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. For some reason I find it scary when characters are being possessed or taken over and WILL KILL. Part of the fear comes from not wanting to see these characters hurt or killed but there's not a choice sometimes. Just finished Final Crisis for the second time (still don't fully understated what exactly happened) and a crazed evil Wonder Woman freaked me out, as did a semi-bald crazed evil Mary Marvel.

    1. I can picture Wonder Woman, but I always found the bald Mary marvel odd >.>

  2. 5. Mob Rule: The idea of someone cutting himself up rubs me the wrong way just enough to be interesting... That sounds dirtier than it's meant to.
    4. The Joker: I'm really surprised he isn't on your list.
    3. The Court of Owls: See your comments
    2. The Hunters Three: The pure amount of grotesque in these guys...
    1. William Arcane: He's one of the few characters that I think must be pure evil.

    1. I keep forgetting about william the creepy little fucker XD

      for joker it goes back to that whole over-use of him i went over on the top 5 characters I hate.