Monday, November 30, 2015

Wonder Woman #46 Review and *SPOILERS*

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Written By: Meredith Finch
Art By: David Finch, Scott Hanna, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 25, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

When we first started this story-line with Wonder Woman taking on Aegeus I was a fan, but recently the story feels like it's stalled a bit in not knowing what it wants to be.  We've had this douche-cookie Aegeus trying to kill Wonder Woman so he can take the mantle of God of War, Donna Troy being let out of her prison on Olympus, the Three Fates being murdered, Aegeus killing Donna Troy after she started to become a real girl and finally The Goddess of Peace: Eirene apparently being the one behind Aegeus' attacks.  I understand that stories can branch off to set up things for the future, but nothing really seems to mesh here.  Hopefully that changes as we see Diana confront The Goddess of Peace and hopefully we get a understanding about what's going on in the world of Wonder Woman.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

 Our issue begins with Eirene just really being pissed off at both Aegeus and Wonder Woman and even though we see Aegeus is under some rubble at the end of the book, it really appears like Eirene just disintegrates the shit out of him right in the beginning because he vanishes until the end of the book..  So yeah, this book really solidifies the fact that Wonder Woman isn't doing what she's supposed to as the God of War and I say that because the Goddess of Peace won't shut the hell up about it.  We spend the first bit of this issue in what feels like a Christmas Carol scenario, where Eirene shows Wonder Woman what the world looks like without war.  Apparently, people need war and hostility in their hearts so that people don't go and oppress them........... and get them to do their homework for them, while giving them titty-twisters and all that.  So yeah, we need war so there can be peace and without one there can't be the other......... and it looks like it's driving Eirene insane.  Hell, this Goddess is so insane at this point that she keeps talking to Aries even though he's dead and she doesn't even notice baby Zeke appear in front of Wonder Woman and her out of nowhere........ It's all very odd.

The oddness doesn't stop there though because while Eirene continues her foray into madness and monologuing, we find out that instead of acting out the will of war, Wonder Woman is turning it in towards herself........ and I guess this makes her eyes bleed because that starts happening here and I'm left wondering if Aegeus shooting Wonder Woman with the God killing arrow in a previous issue, that wasn't a fatal shot, but made her eyes bleed nonetheless...... well, I'm left wondering if it was because of the arrow or more of that inner conflict that Wonder Woman has out of nowhere, that seems to be killing her.

It's all very unclear......... and to add to more things that are unclear, we have Zola and Hera finally showing up to collect Zeke and Eirene doesn't seem to notice them either, but what she does notice is the aftermath of Zeke laying his chubby little baby hands on Donna and from that act, resurrecting Aries, Apollo and her.........

In the end, Donna explains that before disappearing and being reborn as baby Zeke, Zeus had a bunch of shit in motion.  Since the Three Fates were born of gods, they were too closely related to them and as people started to not believe, they aged and became frail.  Leave it to Zeus though to know that a Wonder Woman clone would be made out of clay, tying her to nothing but the Earth and with baby Zeke's resurrection of her, he made Donna the new Fate, giving the longevity back to the gods......... and I guess resurrecting Aries and Apollo with it...........even though Apollo is a big bag of dicks.  Before we can get any real explanation of what Aries being alive again does to Wonder Woman's role as God of War, the story is interrupted as we see Aegeus coming to out of nowhere and Eirene giving him another zap........ and possibly disintegrating him again, but more likely, even though Aries is alive again and Eirene appears to be cured of her insanity affliction, I'm guessing she still wants the little douchebag to finish off Wonder Woman at some point in the future.

That's it for this issue of Wonder Woman and I don't know if everything that we've seen of this title from the beginning of the New 52 just wasn't working anymore or what, but this issue just kind of throws everything that we've been dealing with for the past four years away.  Aries is alive, Apollo is alive, Donna is now Fate for some reason and Wonder Woman may or may not be the God of War..... it's all very unclear and the simple explanation that Zeus saw all this shit going down just doesn't work for me........ might as well just do whatever you want in the story and say God works in mysterious ways.......... I'm still not sure who killed the Three Fates and it's not addressed here..........God did it.  So we've got that and really, that's the last two pages and the majority of the book was Wonder Woman being confused about what's going on while Eirene threw a temper-tantrum.  Just a really unremarkable issue.  The only solid point to the book was the art because even though most of it was Wonder Woman on her knees, while Eirene stood over her, it still looked great........ at least we have one consistent thing going for this series.

Bits and Pieces:

While big things seem to be taking place in the last page of this book....... I say "seem" because nothing was really fully explained, the rest of it though was nonsense that just repeated itself over and over again and became really tiring to read.  Like usual though, the art in this book was great, it just didn't give us a lot of exciting panels to play with.



  1. with Ares and A$$hole(Apollo) alive again, does that mean WW is no longer the god of war?

    1. You definitely wouldn't know from reading this book