Friday, December 4, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Things That Bothered Me In The Batman V. Superman Trailer

Welcome to a CINEMATIC Top 5 Friday! If you have been living under a rock, then you haven't heard that a new Batman vs. Superman Trailer has come out (click HERE to take a look!). While I do like how the movie looks, and how the interactions with Bruce and Clark are shaping, I have to say that the trailer had a lot of things that bothered me...That's why today we are going to go over those things! I recommend you go watch the trailer before reading this list, just so you know what I'm talking about. Also as per usual, this list is opinion based so if you disagree, I apologize in advance. ENOUGH TALK! Let's begin...

5: Why is Superman going bad?

To be frank, seeing Superman going towards the dark side is nothing new. We have seen him gritty in Gods and Monsters, someone who follows orders in the Dark Knight Returns, and just a straight up villain for the past 3 years in the Injustice series. The difference in those is the fact that there is a negative catalyst that pushed him over the line. For Gods and Monsters Superman, it was his life being discriminated against growing up with his migrant worker family while Injustice Superman lost his city and his wife, something that Clark doesn't have in this universe so far. So why is he evil? There hasn't been a big negative catalyst that would change his point of view. Is it for the sake of Batman looking more heroic? We'll just need to wait and see...

4: Lex Luthor (Jr.)?

I didn't know Jesse Eisenberg was playing Gene Hackman in this movie! Seriously though that was my actual thought when he first spoke. Sure when he says the psychotic line and that great quote about how "the devil will kill god" when talking about himself, he sounds like Lex Luthor, but all these mannerisms I have seen before in the original Superman movie with Gene Hackman's performance. I learned soon after that Eisenberg isn't even playing Lex Luthor (sort of), but his son  Lex Luthor Jr...kind of a cop out if you ask me. It feels like they just threw the junior at the end just to make up for the backlash of his casting...though on the other hand If they cast Hackman himself as Luthor Sr.(just as a cameo role) that would be a nice nod to the past.

3: Parademons?

Alright I might be jumping to a very large conclusion here...but why are Parademons in the Batman v Superman movie? We see this brief glimpse of these flying human sized creatures flying off carrying people while Batman fights the Superman soldiers...that is kind of a Parademon's MO. People have been complaining about characters being shoehorned in, but I truly think if these are Parademons then the shoehorning has hit maximum level. Parademons are only meant to be used if a god from Apokolips stepped into the fray...we have Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman in this movie and now we are going to throw in the very minions of one of the DC Universe's biggest villain into the mix?! This brings up the question of WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!

2: Why is Wonder Woman Here?

Oh hey Wonder Woman how you doing? I wanted to believe that Wonder Woman has a major plot relevance to the plot, granted she still might, but as of the trailers that have come out so far she really feels out of place. She looks great, but we've gotten nothing out of her! No lines of Dialogue, no interactions with either of the main characters, NOTHING! SO WHY EVEN HAVE HER IN THIS?! I am pretty sure that this trailer might be the last big one before the film's release, but if there is one more: One exchange of dialogue...maybe with Superman. Maybe warning him of what it's like to have superpowers amongst humanity. Just something from her that could give us hope.

1: Doom-zarro?!

Like you didn't expect this guy up at #1, and yes I am calling him Doom-Zarro. Where to begin with this monstrosity... Lets start with the why: did they really need to choose DOOMSDAY to be the one to be the Trinity's first fight? Doomsday is a high class villain, like needs the entire Justice League villain. If anything it should have been Bizarro. He would be as strong as Superman and Batman could have gone to battle with Luthor...and now onto how he looks...HE LOOKS LIKE AN EVEN MORE MUTATED NINJA TURTLE! I look at this creature and I wonder where the Zod is in its genetic code, without counting the heat vision. It not only doesn't look like Doomsday, but it doesn't even look like any other character in the DC universe! I think the only way they can fix this is if the writers kill him only to evolve until the point of him looking like the classic Doomsday.

In the end, I am nervous about the whole movie, but I still have hope this movie franchise could be an Avengers level challenger...they just need to take their time and not cram it all in at once.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What did you think of the Batman vs. Superman Trailer? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. Couldn't evil superman be Bizarro?

  2. For the evil Superman/Parademons stuff, that could be a nightmare of some sort.

    For Lex, I assumed that his behavior at the party was his public persona while the rest of his scenes were how he really is.

    1. The desert with the parademons and evil superman stuff is confirmed to be a nightmare...just very convienient it looks like parademons, something that has yet to be introduced in this universe.

      as for lex, I bet that is it, but does it not feel like Hackmans performance?

  3. I try to remain open-minded when it comes to comic-based movies. Some movies make it is harder than others to remain that way (Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR movie, for example, had me hating it so much prior to release that I was, actually, pleased that it failed so utterly).

    So, with that in mind, and the fact that I enjoyed MAN OF STEEL (LOVED its score) I'd have to say that the only thing that made me, literally, groan from the preview was DOOMSDAY. He looks way too much like the Abomination, from THE INCREDIBLE HULK for my taste (and I didn't like his look then, either). I stand with the review and hope that the Doomsday we see is not fully matured.

    Othetwise, I continue to look forward to the movie (and Whofleck looks good as a much more flexible Batman than we've seen, previously).

  4. I had these exact thoughts while watching the trailer. Should be excited but now I'm worried. The Doomsday scene looks a lot like Hulk/Abomination scene asaaaaaah.