Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 DC Characters That Need To Return In 2016

Welcome back to another edition of Top 5 Fridays! Whenever I think of the future story lines that will be unfolding in DC, I often look back at characters that could be made into either big bads or allies. A prime example of one of a One-Appearance character turned into a bigger character would be David Graves. We only saw a few panels of him as an unnamed character in the first arc of Justice League, and in the second he was turned into the main villain. Granted we haven't seen him since, but his impact was big nonetheless. However there are actually quite a few One-Appearance characters that instantly are meant to be a big deal, but haven't gone anywhere yet. That is what we'll be going over today! As always, this is my list, so if you don't see something you want/like, I apologize. ENOUGH TALK! Let's begin...

5: White Lantern Corps.

Well these guys were really a flash of light weren't they? With the exception of Kyle, there are 6 White lanterns out in the universe. To a non-lantern comic follower that seems like nothing...but when you consider the group has a connection to the ENTIRE emotional spectrum it's a big deal. The power these 6 individuals hold have stopped the end of the universe, hold life together, and even made the gods themselves envious of where the #^*% are they?! At the end of New Guardians, they flew off on their own journeys. Now we have no clue where they are and their boss is currently being held captive by terrorists. I would love to see these guys fly in and save Kyle from the Omega Men, only to stick around to help the Omega Men take down the Citadel. The only reason why they are so high on the list is because I have little doubt they will be apart of the next lantern crossover, which lets face facts is going to happen. 

4: Shazam Family

This one is probably going to be more tricky to get back on the page than the others on this list, due to the fact the one that brings them together doesn't even have his own comic. The main reason why I like this team so much is the fact if the Justice League were to up and vanish THESE GUYS and Shazam would have things covered We have a speedster (Darla), a Power House to fill Superman's role(Pedro), a tech. expert(Eugene), an equally powered woman to hold the team together (Mary), WE EVEN HAVE OUR EGO MANIAC! (Freddy) As I said the main reason why I'm sure they haven't been used is because they really can't be used without Shazam having his own book. If Shazam wasn't in God form at the moment, I would have loved to see the six members of the Shazam family flying at the Anti-Monitor forces.

3: Ted Kord

Remember the end of Forever Evil? Remember how Lex Luthor was actually a decent human being and let Ted keep Kord Industries? Then you should also remember the reason WHY Lex let him keep it. According to Lex, Ted is extremely talented in creating technology, especially in robots the size of insects. This is the gateway for Ted Kord to become the new Blue Beetle! After Ted and Booster's run with one another in the Justice League 3000 series, people might be intrigued to see what adventures a modern version of the character could go on. The only problem is that the current setting of the world (i.e. Darkseid War) would tear apart a character like Ted. It's pretty obvious any 'vigilante' leveled heroes would be torn apart during the midst of the battle between Darkseid and Anti-monitor. That should have been made obvious when they turned Batman into the God of Knowledge and sent him on his little search for the truth. Maybe post war, when the Justice League will need some backup for future missions, he will show up in the Bug and be a hero again.

2: Plastic Man

After reading the Injustice Year Four annual, it reminded me how important Plastic Man is as a character. This is a man who has grown up as a bad guy and now tries to make it up now with acts of heroism. In the annual, he isn't part of either side of this war. He knows what Superman is doing is wrong, but all he wants is to get his son back to safety. If anything, this makes him the most human out of most characters with powers in the DC why not have him? DC claims they want to tell good stories and you have a character that can be played both dramatically and comedic. "But isn't he dead?" You are probably asking yourself, to which I respond, "how many times has the joker come back?" Or "how do you know those chemicals aren't transformative? It's Gotham after all!

1: Mxyzptlk

This character...oh boy, this character. This character has been gone for such a long time in comics and I think now would be the perfect time to bring him back. In my personal opinion, he is one of the most dangerous villains in the Superman roster... Even more dangerous than Doomsday. To those who don't know, Mxyzptlk is an imp from the 5th dimension, all of which have reality warping powers akin to magic. Many people (and I bet many at DC think this too) think that he is just some C-list joke villain because of the way he looks and acts. The terrifying part of him is the fact he DOES look a bit silly, yet can still do things along the lines of dragging an entire dimension to hell, kill immortals, fight demons, and even talk to us the readers. If anything, we need him because he could fix all the trouble Superman is in with a snap of his fingers. Yes, I know Superman is getting his powers back in March, but we still have to deal with the fact that EVERYONE KNOWS HIS SECRET IDENTITY! Mxyzptlk could easily erase the minds of everyone on the planet to forget the truth as a way to impress Superman. After all, if he had no one to mess with, whats the point of his existence?

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What character do you want to see more of in the coming months? Leave a comment and I'll see you next week!


  1. Love to see almost everyone one your list, every one except Mxyzptlk. We had Batmite and that's enough for me.

    If I could replace Mxyzptlk with somebody, I would want to see somebody they have been teasing since the new 52 Started. And that is the Freedom Fighters.

    DC Presents was a great series that lesser known characters a chance. I love there "Deadman" and "Savage" Run. Now Deadmans an abscure JLD hero with barely any screen time, and vandal savage come off as a maniacal Villian instead of the fun loving caveman warrior from Demon Knights who over time turned into Hannibal out of silence of the Lamb.

    But DC Presents truly killed when They brought out the "Ray". Such a fantastic series, and Probably my favorite Solo title to come out of the new 52. And at the end of this Series they tezzed Freedom Fighters when Uncle Sam( who in fact looks like Samuel L. Jackson As Nick Fury) came and invited Ray to a team he's building. The samething Happened in "Phantom Lady & Dollman", and "the Hunanbomb". They even gave us Condor in "Birds Of Prey".

    They have all the characters and they've done jack shit with them now. DC just has a Serious case of ageism. The never promote anything of substance that shows off there own history. Just look at how they treat earth 2 "Justice Society". They personally ruin Charcters like Hourman, Wildcat, and
    Jay Garrick.

    Just please give me my Freedom Fighters.

    1. I think the issue with bringing back the Freedom Fighters, which i think would be awesome to see them again, is the fact that who would they fight? Their biggest thing is fighting those opposed to America, which made them FANTASTIC in the Master Men chapter to Multiversity. I could actually see them rising up to fight in an event like Forever Evil

    2. Freedom fighters could fight anyone, but if I had to give them a threat that hasn't been used yet or forgotten there are 2 that I can think of. There a whole alien invasion happen in the new 52. I forget the aliens names but the appeared in Voodoo and Grifter, and there boss appeared in superman and got his ass hand to him in Red hood and the outlaws. The Villian had a blue Flaming head and his people could posses people body's.

      And the other threat was in Justice International. The looked like Celestial from Marvel. I believe Rocket Red got killed by one. I could be wrong but it's been a while since anyone touched these Charcters, and that's the point. DC has stories they haven't really finished and I enjoy read the resolution.

      The Freedom fighter are the justice league level. Uncle Sam is potentially stronger than Superman, his strength comes from people faith in America including his own. Phantom Lady manipulates physics with esseincailly Dark matter. Dollman is basically the atom who just learned how to shrink stuff. Condor has psychic powers. And the Ray is a Light elemental. This can fight any threat the Justice League can, with the possibilities are Endless.

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    4. Thank you Eric. For the life of me, I couldn't remember.

  2. I'm backing you on the Mxyzptlk pick, he was great in Superfriends. Magic is making a comeback in 2016!

    1. “Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”

      ― Arthur C. Clarke

    2. BBBOOOOMMM!!!!
      You just blew my Mind.

    3. No but really, doesn't every from myzptlk dimension have reality Warp powers. Him and Batmite can do the Sam kinds of things which is basically anything.

    4. True. but difference between Batmite and Mxyzptlk is the fact Batmite uses it to try and help, where Mxyzptlk is a dick with his powers

  3. Agree with these, but, of course, I have my own preferences:

    5. Connor Hawke: I just want to see him.
    4. Saiko: I know he was revealed to be dead at the end of Nightwing, but this is comics, people.
    3. Booster Gold: Dan Didio is SO desperate to bring him back, throw the guy a bone!
    2. Calvin Rose: Hands down the best new character from the New 52.
    1. Nightwing: If I had my way, Grayson would be leading to Dick's return to Nightwing, and I believe that, in a round about way, that's what DC has in mind.

  4. Oh very much agreed on the Marvel family. Their awesome.

    Also, I don't think Mxyzplk would help Superman with that. I mean, he doesn't have a marriage to trade for his secret identity after all.

    1. I see what you did there :P
      However in a way supes already owes Mxyzptlk one. During Morrisons run in action comics, superman defeated another 5th dimensional imp who was an enemy of Mxyzptlk

    2. True. Except that is supposed to have happened before he met Mxyzplk, so from the imps perspective that has not happened yet.
      Plus, Superman already cashed that in to undo the attack on the Mars colony.