Monday, January 11, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 53: Big Eric's House

Eric and Jim are back again and this week they've brought a boatload of nonsense.  Jim's throat is killing him and Eric wants to tickle butt holes, but besides that, everything is fine.  The guys talk about all the DC Comics books released this week, yell at each other and stay up way too late recording.  Enjoy!

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DC COMICS REVIEWED: Batman and Robin Eternal #14, Batman Beyond #8, Detective Comics #48, Green Lantern #48, Swamp Thing #1, Green Arrow #48, Action Comics #48, Telos #4 and Midnighter #8

DC COMICS NEWS: John Barrowman writing Green Arrow: Dark Archer Digital Comic and TNT shuts down Titans TV Show

Reggie's Recklessness: When you should or shouldn't write a comic book

Ryan Brightest Daycare Clark's Other Side: Spiderman and Deadpool #1

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  1. You boys best be nice or Eternal king the seraphim destroy will smite thy heathens...yea this guy sounds like a dush ill admit RPed as a kid you can make a strong character even godly but can't be OP everyone has a kryptonite LITTE BOYS & GIRLS.. who the hell rps anymore we have games for that shit now, anyways fuck him great podcast from the toilet at work yours truly

    1. Yea, thar RP stuff is crazy...way back in was on an increase channel that did that...I was horrible. I'm glad that we have the same listening spot!