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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Episodes # 4 and #5 Review and **SPOILERS**

Directors: Antonio Negret (4) and Dermott Downs (5)
Writers: Sarah Nicole Jones (4), Phil Klemmer (4), Beth Schawrtz (5) and Grainne Godfree (5)
Release Dates: February 7, 2016 (4) and February 18, 2016 (5)

After, the great episode that was "Blood Ties", my expectations for the next episode were pretty high. I like the LOT cast and crew; and think the level of action and the scope that the show has is beyond compare. So when I saw episode 4 (White Knights), I was so disappointed, that I had to take a week off in order to look for the meaning of life. Unfortunately, I failed. Anyways, I'm back now and ready to watch and review both episodes that I missed. Will the second episode, redeem the first? Or will this two-parter become a blemish in the history of the show?

Explain it!

Episode 4 begins as the crew of the Waverider arrive to the United States as it was in the 1970's in order to steal some info about Vandal Savage. Because that info is located in the pentagon, however, they barely escape with their lives. Fortunately, they now have enough info to locate Vandal Savage. The man is working in the U.S.S.R. and the team now knows what to do. They have to prevent Savage from accelerating the Firestorm program and help the U.S.S.R win the Cold War.

In the middle of all that hubajjaba, Rip Hunter assigns quite possibly the worst person to try to help Hawkgirl with her anger management problems; Sarah Lance. It does not go well. Once in Russia, Ray, gets a crush on a Russian scientist and decides to try to help her, because she can't possibly be evil. He's wrong. As a result of this mistake Savage's troops capture Heatwave, Stein and Palmer and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

Episode 5 begins with the team making a new plan of attack. Rip asks Sarah to kill Stein and Cold to steal whatever scientific plans Vandal may have secured. Jefferson and Hawkgirl were to stay out of sight. Flash forward to the actual prison and Ray manages to get the crap beat out of him while Heatwave watches. Both of them are brought in to convince Stein to talk and they do. Meanwhile, Cold convinces Sarah not to kill Stein, and Jefferson and Hawkgirl convince Rip to let them join in.

A new plan is then made that includes everyone. Rip kills Vandal Savage again, Stein destroys the Russian scientist and Rory rescues Ray Palmer. After their success their spaceship is attacked by Chronos and the crew is forced to take a detour into the future. In the future they meet the coolest character reveal in the series so far; Connor Hawke the Green Arrow.

Bit's and Pieces:

I've already kind of stated my thoughts about episode 4, but I want to get deeper into why I disliked it so much. There was a lot of forced drama between Hawkgirl and Sarah that should've been resolved a long time ago and the same can be said about Jefferson and Stein. Also, Ray Palmer acted like a complete doofus when he tried to protect that one Russian scientist. The guy's supposed to be a genius.

Anyways, episode 5 is completely different in my mind. For the first time in all of LOT, the character of Heatwave is developed and Ray actually demonstrates competence. Not to mention, we put to rest the Jefferson/Stein feud and the action/plot is actually pretty great.

So with all that in mind I'm giving this two-parter; two scores.

Episode 4 : 6.8/10

Episode 5 : 7.8/10

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