Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Weird Side #7

 Story and Art by: Paul B.

I knew that having the extra JFTHOI podcast on breakfast cereal would get Paul's creative juices flowing and also tried to bet Eric that there would be something in this week's Weird Side involving my Mom and generic cereal.  He wouldn't take the bet because he knew it would be in as well.  I love it and it is like taking a time machine back to 1982.  Enjoy this week and I'm already taking bets that next week's Weird Side will have at least one panel with Eric's infamous "Valentine's Day Problem".

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  1. Explain It!

    Brother, I couldn't if I tried.

    Bits and Pieces:

    This comic makes Saga look like complete dog shit.


  2. Poor Jim, don't you eating that much cereal isn't the reason you through up. It's the whole Gallon of milk you drank along with it. The human body doesn't process milk that good and that much milk is just to much.

    Do yourself a favor and brake one of your rules, Save yourself the stomach trouble and don't drink every bowl of milk.