Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sinestro #21 Review and *SPOILERS*

Tears For Fears

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Martin Coccolo, Blond, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 16, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

When thinking to yourself about who the world's greatest hero is, I bet that you'd never think of Sinestro as filling that slot, but here we are after a big ass battle with an anti-emotion cult and out of nowhere, Sinestro is the Big Man on Campus.  The battle itself was kind of fun, but overall we got nothing but more and more rings being sent out into the world, recruiting Earth's heroes into the Corps, but really they didn't do anything with that power so it didn't really add anything to the story for me.  Sinestro finally defeated the Pale Bishop of this group in Green Lantern fashion, by having all of his Corpsmen chant the Sinestro Corps Oath, giving him power and the ability to finally defeat this emotionless foe.......... who we also found out wasn't emotionless, even though it doesn't make much sense, but our anti-hero won and as that previous issue ended, we found out that in his weakened state that Sinestro has turned over control to the Sinestro Corps to his daughter Soranik.......... and man, that's got to be a weird ass experience for her.  Let's jump into this issue and see how she's handling her new role and if the ability to command fear itself changes her in the process.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Soranik just mortified that she now controls a group of boogeymen and monsters that use fear to gain order in the Universe.... pretty much everything that she formerly stood against.  The thing that really throws her for a loop though is that the people of Earth are all on her jock for being the savoir of the planet.  Yeah, it's weird as hell to think of the Sinestro Corps being exalted more than your Supermen and Wonder Women............. Hell, even Superman is all about recognizing that the Sinestro Corps saved the world and as odd as that sounds, it's pretty freaking cool.  It's not all pinatas and RC Cola now that the fight between the Corps and the Paling is finished though because we've got a mysterious element going on between Sinestro and Lyssa Drak about a prophecy that she fears and for some reason Mongul is fine and dandy.  That's right, even though everyone else affected by the Paling were killed once the Pale Bishop was defeated, somehow Mongul survived and is seeking revenge against Sinestro for putting him in that situation in the first place......... but, but, but how did he survive?

For being such a low key issue this actually has a lot going on for it, which is weird because it really seems to be setting up a lot of stuff that we'll never get to see once Rebirth comes along and puts the kibosh on all things Sinestro, but we've got this mysterious prophecy, Mongul swearing revenge as he makes his escape from so many goddamn Fear Lanterns and even some mysteriously hidden Sinestro Corpsmen, who don't seem to be too pleased with the current leadership that Sinestro has appointed.  That's a whole lot of stuff going on for two more issues.  Anyway, it's time for our Corps to get back to New Korugar and start protecting the Universe in other ways so the first thing that Soranik does as the Corps' new leader is recall all the rings that Sinestro sent out to Earth and this too is really cool because Superman really seems upset that he no longer has the power of the ring........ hell, everyone seems upset, well except for Deathsroke that is, but he's a hard ass.

In the end, before the Corps could make their way off of Earth the people cried out to Soranik that they don't want them to leave because they now see the Fear Lanterns as their real protectors and because I guess Soranik didn't want to hear anymore whining from a planet that is rife with heroes, she tells Arkillo that his new role with the Corps is to be the guardian of Earth and it's cool as hell because she also has Saint Walker stay with him too, so it's kind of a New Guardians reunion going on, but one thing that really left me feeling cold is how Saint Walker now understands the importance of fear and how his "reeducation" has really opened his eyes............ just the fact that they keep saying "reeducation" really disturbs me........ Hopefully, there aren't any side effects to this "reeducation" because I hate the idea of something else terrible happening to Saint Walker, but I love the interaction between him and Arkillo and how shameful Arkillo came off when approached by Saint Walker because of how he never helped him when Sinestro sent him to the science division.  With that our characters fly off to new adventures and with two issues left, I hope everything setup here is wrapped up nicely.

That's it for this issue of Sinestro and I really dug it for it's low key demeanor, while setting up quite a bit of stuff to look forward to in the upcoming months.  We've got most of the issue being told to us through Soranik's point of view and how she has to endure and even overcome her new role as leader of the Sinestro Corps and that's great because even though this character has the spotlight more than most Green Lantern characters, do to her parantage, we haven't had a whole lot for her to do besides for her giving Sinestro dirty looks because she doesn't agree with his line of thinking.  So yeah, having Soranik as the leader of the Sinestro Corps while her daddy works through some physical therapy works for me because I really dig the character and as well it seems that this plays right into what Sinestro wants for his double win there.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Sinestro Corps Vs. The Paling story, but I'm happy as hell for this aftermath issue for how well it works with the Earth proclaiming that their true heroes are the Fear Lanterns and it's just something that feels so right while also being something that I never thought I would hear......... It's just fun and there are so many little things in this issue to enjoy that I didn't even talk about here.  The art in this issue was amazing all the way through and really, everything dealing with art here, like the inks and colors were just amazing.  The whole damn thing looked great so I want to make sure that I give everyone credit and really because of the strong writing and awesome art, this is one of my favorite issues of Sinestro in awhile.

Bits and Pieces:

The Paling is finsished, but will Soranik survive the aftermath?....... man, that sounds like a generic solicit, but you know what?  It makes for a fine ass story here.  Since all the action was really spent in the previous issues, here we see Soranik try to deal with her new role as leader of the Sinestro Corps with a more low key feel to the storytelling and it's fantastic because of this.  On top of great art all the way through and strong writing, this is a issue of Sinestro that you don't want to miss.


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  1. Loved this issue got buddies saint walker&Arkillo and black adam and sinestro together had a cool little mongul moment..dudes superman level of course he didnt die..and that art man that was one badass l9oking superman..that and Sups and WW moment with Beka was priceless