Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Suicide Squad's Most Wanted: Deadshot & Katana #2 Review


Written by: Brian Buccellato, Mike W. Barr
Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend, 
Diogenes Neves
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 24, 2016

 Boy have I been trying to avoid writing this review... Kidding. Seriously though while the last issue had a few problems, I not only enjoyed it, but also see that there is some real potential for the series. Katana's story lacks character, but damn the action of a badass samurai leading a revolution against an evil battalion of snake fetishists is just awesome to look at. Deadshot's Mission was a bit flat, but it opened up a character piece on one of our favorite member's as we now are heading into his past to learn, "Who is Deadshot?" Add these two stories with some amazing art and this obvious cash grab was a pretty fun read. You have my attention Buccellato and Barr...but the question is can you keep it? Let's dive on in and find out...

Katana: Cult of Kobra

Written by: Mike W. Barr
Art by: Diogenes Neves 
This issue continues to follow our samurai as she fights against the Kobra forces occupying Markovia, while Lady Naja begins attacking civilians to draw out the hero. The story went practically nowhere as it only introduces more 2 dimensional characters to stand with our heroine. I'm not even trying to be hyper critical, I cannot tell you anything outside these characters with the exception of one is a teen suffering withdrawal and a kid that is the equal to the kid that tells Batman to kick the Joker's ass in The Dark Knight Returns. Both people get in the way by getting captured, but before things turn sour someone that should have been in the first episode appears...the hint is the title of the book. That is basically what happened, and it bummed me out. The positives here are the kick ass action sequences and the art(I mean look at Katana on the left, that's the coolest I've ever seen her!). Despite these things, I really couldn't get into the story, and it really brought down this half for me. 2/5

Deadshot: Out of the Past

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend, 

Michael Spicer
We find Deadshot going home to face his father after many decades apart, and we get a dark tale about Lawton's past as our favorite sharpshooter faces it. As I kind of expected, the meat of the story isn't the mission(We only get one page of the current mission with our Deadshot knock-off going John Rambo on the mob), but with Deadshot as we get a few quiet scenes of his past. The parents were a giant pair of jerks, and when you learn why Lawton truly ran away, it'll break your heart. The art is damn good while the story of Lawton's past was dark and perfect for the character. My only complaint for this story is that the family drama looks like it ends here, and we still have 4 issues to go! Its obvious why this story is put with Katana, but right now, this story is the stronger of the two, especially on an emotional level. 4.5/5

Bits and Pieces:

I really want to like Katana's story, I truly do, but with the exception of the cool action sequences there's nothing that draws me in. Deadshot's might not have those action sequences yet, but the character development and personal vendetta really carry the book. Both stories do have fantastic art, and cliffhanger endings that promise some crazy shiz going to happen next issue, but for now, this series just took a step down.


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