Friday, May 13, 2016


Heh Heh Heh...Bueno

Written by GARTH ENNIS 
Variant cover by NEAL ADAMS

COMING IN AUGUST: In the tradition of the original Hard-Traveling Heroes, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, Sixpack and Dogwelder are ready to bring their allegedly socially aware brand of justice to the lands beyond Gotham City!

After the events of ALL-STAR SECTION EIGHT, Sixpack is fighting to keep what’s left of his team together. Dogwelder has gone in search of his past, while newlyweds Bueno Excellente and Guts are dealing with some fidelity issues. Could Section Eight be done for good?

But everything changes when a mysterious trenchcoat-wearing chain smoker offers our favorite dog enthusiast some clues about his true nature. Is Dogwelder everything he seems? Or is he meant for something greater?
On sale AUGUST 24 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED T+

Just when you thought it was safe to eat oysters again, the stomach-churning Justice Sleaze of Barfmerica, aka Section Eight return just in time to make relevant jokes about heat rash and swamp ass. If you didn't read All-Star Section Eight last summer, well here's your chance to hop on the trolley which is headed, incidentally, to the smelliest and most fetid part of the municipal dump. And I will be there, covered in coffee grounds and banana peels, lapping up every viscous, pearlescent drop! I cannot WAIT for this series! In fact, I'm going to induce an alcoholic coma right now to make time go by quicker. Click the link to see some exclusive cover images from the first issue!

Here's what People around Quakertown, PA are saying about this stunningly awesome news:"I just hope that Bueno and Guts can work things out because if they can't, I just don't think that true love exists!" - Jim

"That looks disgusting...and cool" - Logan, Jim's 10 year old son who should never be allowed within twenty feet of this book but now wants to read it!

"Give me a dollar, sucka" - the homeless guy downtown that Jim accidentally made eye contact with and should never be allowed within twenty feet of Jim's son, Logan!

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  1. "Dad, what does 'pedal feeleya' mean?" - Logan, calling from an undisclosed location after being unusually late home from school

    1. "It sounds like something with a bike...stop bothering me!" - Jim applying for Father of the Year

  2. very gool on the exclusive. no-one can have done more to hype section 8 than you and eric's bueno exelente impressions. i shall be onboard for this - always liked hitman and garth ennis is head and shoulders above any writer at marvel and dc for me. The king of dreadful nonsense and neil adams variants - balls out by dc.

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