Monday, May 9, 2016

My Favorite Things w/o 5/9/2016 - Just For The Hell Of It Monday

Welcome back to my weekly list of things I love that you should love too for the week of May 9, 2016.

1. Hating: Hating is fucking important. It is a necessary social construct of a responsible society. For too long now we have fallen victim to the mantra of 'stop hating' and look what the fuck has happened to our society.  We have the poster boy for the stop hating movement seconds away from the White House.  It is the reason we have a think piece holiday for every shitty Kanye or Radiohead album, because god forbid they actually talk about how shitty their albums are as opposed to what the album means. Fucking hacks getting over. Shitty work giving birth to shittier work because we are scared to rightfully hate. It is the reason we can't have an honest debate about any fucking thing or that we still have to heard from failed consistently wrongheaded assholes like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin and pretend that their idiotic opinion is a valid opinion because all opinions matter.  It is why we have 45 year olds still dressing like they are going to catch Youth of Today at CBGBs in 88 or like they are a fucking extra in the Sandlot.  Fuck all of this shit.   I am a proud hater. I love being a hater because a lot of shit deserves to be hated on. It is my god damn duty as an adult. As a culture we have been brainwashed by the likes of puff daddy from offering an honest critic of shitty work or behavior because of the bullshit notion that hating a shitty album or person is somehow hating on success.  It's not. In the words of my friend Murs, 'we don't hate you because you're rich we hate you because you fucking suck'. Find your hate and ride with it.  It's the best thing you can do for our world.

2. WESTSIDE GUNN: My friend Zilla Rocca introduced me to the wonders or WESTSIDE GUNN. WESTSIDE GUNN is a rapper out of Buffalo, NY and he might be the best thing I have heard in the past few years. He is he evolutionary leap that has been missing since Cuban Linx and The Infamous. It is NY crime rap for the new millennium. If everyone wasn't busy being publicity click bait whores for that shitty new Beyoncé album you would already be up on the best rap album this year.

3. Burritos: Every thing we eat should be in burrito form.  It is the perfect food.  Not only is the flour tortilla delicious, it is also a perfect delivery device. I live in Brooklyn so I am fortunate to be around/annoyed as fuck by food culture. The one benefit is all the burrito variations.  Homey you can get the I'll brisket burrito, or go two trucks over and get the fly Korean burrito. You could stuff hot pockets into burritos and they would kick maximum ass, shit, no matter what they stuff it with it's always fucking awesome. We are living in the greatest time ever!!!!

4. Crossfit Jesus and Patriot Mary: This weekend I went to a wedding that was held in a weird ass church that had the most ripped Jesus I have ever seen. Dude was rocking the swimmers body hard. We dubbed him crossfit jesus.  There was also a super odd stain glass Virgin Mary standing on top of the world with a sweet ass American Flag behind it.  I think I want to start a punk band called Crossfit Jesus and Patriotic Mary. Who wants to play drums? Check the photos below.

Crossfit Jesus:

 Patriot Mary:

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