Monday, October 10, 2016

Scarlet Witch #11 Review

Scarlet Witch and Shrek Both Like Onions

Written by: James Robinson
Art by: Leila Del Duca, Felipe Sobreiro and Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 5, 2016
Review by: Josh Vermillion

It’s finally time for Wanda to get some answers! This has been a pretty intriguing book since the beginning, but it’s about time we started moving forward a little bit more. So let’s hop in and see if we finally got this thing going.

We open up with Wanda showing up in Serbia looking for her people. She goes to the place with the last record of them showing up, an old church. She speaks to the pastor, but quickly realized he was bluffing. 

So she just casually blows up the entire church, no big deal. I know Wanda is powerful enough to do this without a problem, but it seems pretty showy considering every spell she casts is supposedly killing her.

It turns out that the priest was the one that gave Wanda and Pietro away to the High Revolutionary when they were babies. His Knights of Wundagore were invading and he was forced to give up babies with latent abilities. The priest ends up not really being much help, but he does give Wanda a name: Dasha Kolarov.

Wanda goes to see Dasha and finds out she was her mother’s sidekick back in the day. After the High Revolutionary took the twins, Wanda’s mother Natalya went to get them back. Natalya battled through everyone, but eventually fell after her powers were dampened.

 Dasha goes on to tell her that her aunt Marya is still alive despite being burned by the mob. Wanda goes to see her and it’s Eric’s worst nightmare. Wanda’s aunt and adoptive mother is a burn victim.

Okay so nothing really happens in this book. The art looks okay. Nothing looks truly bad but nothing really peaks my interest either. We get some good plot advancement but it’s really just setup. The best way to describe this issue is just simply “Ehh.”

Bits and Pieces:

Not a great issue, not a bad issue. Nothing here is going to suddenly make you a Scarlet Witch fan, but if you’ve been reading up to this point, there’s no reason you won’t be alright with this one.


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