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Top Five Fridays: Top 5 DC Comics Holiday Stories

It's Holiday time and while I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to this time of year, I know that most normal, non-grumpy people enjoy such things.  I also know that Mr. DC must enjoy the Holiday Season as well because we just got a big Holiday Special (review HERE) this week and the Batman Annual (yes, another review HERE) from last month was a Holiday themed book as well.  I may not be an "Honest Signal", but I can read the writing on the wall and am here to give you what you want...even if you didn't know it yet.  So, consider this list an early present and really, don't expect much else from me this year!  Bah Humbug!!!

5. The Night the Mob Stole XMas
 “Brave and the Bold” #148 (1978)

Bob Haney and Jim Aparo give readers a fun ride with this one.  Batman and Plastic Man team up to take down a bunch of mobsters who dare to steal the "Lacy's" Christmas display.  It's all a cover for their main gig...smuggling cigarettes.  You know Batman isn't going to sit by and let these butt smugglers (okay, he actually calls them "butt-leggers") get away with such things and him and Plastic Man make things right. Along the way, we get the fun that is Plastic Man, but also some great dialogue including some CB Talk from Batman!  Is this the Miracle on 34th Street/Convoy amalgam movie we've been waiting for?  It just might be! 

4. Merry Christmas, Justice League — Now Die! 
JLA #60 (2001)

Mark Waid gives us...more Plastic Man!  This is a pretty cool story where Plastic Man wants to save Christmas for a little kid who just doesn't believe in Santa Claus any more.  Don't believe in Santa Claus?  Well, what if he was actually a member of the Justice League of America?!?!  It makes sense, right?  Santa is an OG superhero and Plastic Man makes a pretty convincing case for him being on the JLA.  Remember, every time a bee rings, that's Santa Claus kicking some Yuletide ass!

3.The Silent Night of the Batman – “Batman” #219 (1970)

Yep, another Batman story.  You had to expect a bunch, but this one is so good that it was just referenced by Harley Quinn in Batman Annual #1.  Mike Friedrich, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano give readers such a cool, little story about Batman getting to spend the Holiday with friends...SINGING!  It also shows the power that is the Dark Knight because as he goes around Gotham carolling, would-be criminals stop dead in their tracks at the sight of Batman, even if he's just...SINGING! 

2. Yes, Tyrone, There Is a Santa Claus – “DC Infinite Holiday Special” (2007)

Finally, a Superman story...or is it?  This one was very close to being at the top of the list as we get Superman trying to restore every one's faith (including his own) in Christmas.  If seeing Superman playing Santa isn't enough to put a smile on your face, just wait until Batman shows up.  Two words...Jet Pack!!!  The two pals continue delivering Christmas cheer and then Kelley Puckett and Pete Woods show the reader that Batman is still the best character in the DCU!

1. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot – “Christmas With the Super-Heroes” #2 (1988)

This story by Alan Brennert and drawn by Dick Giordanodo has all the feels you could ever want in a story.  It's essentially a Deadman story and I dare you to read it without getting a little choked up by the end.  Boston Brand can never really enjoy the Holidays since to do so, he has to possess someone and pretty much ruin their Holiday in the process.  It's a lonely life, but a young woman is there to make him feel better.  She can see and talk to him and convinces him that being a hero is worth all of the sacrifices that come with it.  The woman's name?  Kara.  As in Kara Zor-El.  As in Supergirl?  Why is that such a big deal?  This story takes place in the immediate post-crisis DCU where she was erased from existence!  Who else would know more about sacrifice?  Such a great story and my top pick.

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