Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 101: DC Rebirth Week 25, Comics and Cannibalism

Hey Everybody!  It's Week 25 of Rebirth and while the books are a bit middle of the road, the guys have fun with them.  They also discuss elk vs ostrich meat, Gomer Pyle and if Cannibalism will ever go out of style.  it all comes together into the shit sandwich that we all know and love!  Enjoy!

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Intro (0:00), News (49:56), Mail #1 (59:06), Books - See List Below (1:31:07), Mail #2 (2:48:06), Marvel Minute: Nova #1 (3:24:58), Mail #3 (5:02:54), Columbus Comics Corner - Detective Comics  #101 (5:26:03), Mail #4 (7:41:49)

DC Comics Reviewed: Batman #12 (1:40:48), Superman #12 (2:07:34)  Justice League #10 (2:22:40), Green Lanterns #12 (3:38:07), Green Arrow #12 (3:58:18), Nightwing #10 (4:22:52), Aquaman #12 (5:56:17), Harley Quinn #9 (6:18:53), Deadman: The Mansion of Forbidden Love #2 (6:33:37), Shade: The Changing Girl #3 (7:11:18), Cyborg #6 (8:05:56), Midnighter and Apollo #3 (8:32:37), The Death of Hawkman #3 (9:08:21)

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  1. Replies
    1. It literally me cutting and pasting images on old Weird Science Comics. I don't want take anything away from the original artist of these covers other then turn original art work into crude jokes and Weird Science DC references.

      For instance the headdress represents Reggie as is avatar for his google account is a guy in a headdress. And the buffalo head is for Branden. The skull on Jim's t-shirt is a design by the Weird Side of Life artist Paul B. My goal is to incorporate this kind of symbols throughout these covers including your avatar Jack. My arsenal is growing.

    2. I believe the original cover was drawn by the incomparable Wally Wood!

  2. sigh this used to be the place to go for intelligent reviews. Reviews are still good but its slowly become submerged in listener fawning, catchprases, mutual backslapping, in jokes etc etc. Listenership has fucked it. Predictable I guess but still sad.

    1. Sucks you feel that way...if u get this, I just found it on spam file...sorry about that