Thursday, June 22, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 6/21/17

Double Your Jorge Jimenez, Double Your Fun

Wow! It's a first since I started doing this list for the Weird Science DC Comics Dot Com website: the same artist appears twice! At least, I think it's a first. Might not be. In any case, Jorge Jimenez appears twice on this list of Best Covers of the Week, though he's not number one. Who is number one? Well, you'll have to read on to find out!

Batwoman #4
Steve Epting
This one didn't quite make my list of five, but I wanted to give it some recognition because the composition and coloring is great. Also, the book logo was moved to accommodate the design, which I love to see in general.

Aquaman #25 variant
Joshua Middleton
The great Stjepan Sejic did a cover for this issue (as well as the interior), but a Josh Middleton variant still won the day here. The expression on Aquaman's face, the heft of the cracked thing he'd hiding behind, this is just a nicely-drawn cover that makes me curious to know what's going on inside.

Super Sons #5
Jorge Jimenez
What can I tell you? I love to see one-point perspective executed flawlessly. The motion, the space, and the trappings of the Batcave make this cover a home run for me. Heck, you could tell a full story just based on the split-second seen in this image.


Superman #25
Jorge Jimenez & Alejandro Sanchez
Jorge comes back a second time in a row to give us all a lesson in storytelling economy. I wonder what happened to those groceries? I like to think a dog ate 'em. Not a whole lot to say about this cover except that it looks triumphant, and this is essentially how I want to see Superman most of the time.


Green Arrow #25
Juan Ferrerya
Speaking of one-point perspective, here's an image that would be right at home as the last frame of a bad-ass biker movie or the cover to a mass market paperback novel...about a bad-ass biker. A shock of yellow behind Ollie really helps him pop, and blends in very well with Dinah's hair. Only thing that could have made this more bad-ass would be if Ollie was throwing up devil's horns.


Trinity #10
Francis Manapul
This looks like a Justice League book that I want to read. It isn't, but it looks like one. When all is said and done, Trinity will comprise an incredible body of Francis Manpul's art, and might be worth owning based on that alone.


  1. Not really a Green Arrow fan, but I have to agree that IS one badass cover!

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