Saturday, June 24, 2017

Plastic #3 Review

Small Picture

Writer: Doug WagnerArtist: Daniel HillyardPublisher: Image ComicsRelease Date: June 21, 2017Cover Price: $3.99

Although the book has been confusing it’s had an air of dark comedy mixed with a level of insanity that speaks to me. After the protagonist previously escaped what was intended to be his demise, he’s now on a search for his sweet Virginia. Will he make his way back to his sweet plastic lover? Will he get his revenge on the ones who dare to touch his sweet beloved? Find out after the jump!

Fresh off the previous issue we find ourselves back in the vehicle of Asshole Sherriff continuing to be an asshole. As he’s seemingly heading back to the donut shop, to undoubtedly force himself in some way on to the worker there from the previous issue, he finds his plans averted as he stops to pick up a hitchhiker to enact his vicious plans on. Lucky for this hitchhiker the Sherriff is interrupted, before much more than psychological trauma can set in, by a plastic army man set on the window sill by Edwin. 

Caught up in the confusion the Sherriff is quickly dispatched by Edwin with a zip lock baggy and a plastic fork that eventually leaves his tongue separated from his body and on the end of the fork. As he either ignores the once potential rape victim or is oblivious of he sets out to search his employer but struggles before the woman offers her assistance.

The book starts off with some pretty abrasive subject matter, but it does a great job of quickly averting it and changing the tone. Before it goes too far we get the dead pan politeness of Edwin and his seeming obliviousness to the perspective of others. It’s hilariously psychotic. Between the comedic darkness of the situation and the handling of the possible victim this issue does well to slightly lighten a dark subject matter.

We get some time with Thaddeus as he is being reassured of them being free and clear of the job Edwin was first procured for, but is interrupted by present from Edwin. After which we jump back to Edwin and the girl we learn is named Gwen. There is some more great bits between these two as Edwin tries to drop her off somewhere safe while not navigating obvious misunderstandings at all. We don’t really know if it’s due to shock, not wanting to be alone, not having anywhere to go, or possibly enjoying the insanity, but for some reason Gwen wants to stay and she does.

Immediately I’m a fan of Gwen. We don’t completely understand the thought process behind her wanting to stay with Edwin, we clearly see she has fear the few times Edwin says things that could allude to her being killed, besides the fact of watching him brutally murder a man on top of her, but in the end wants to stick with Edwin. It will be nice to possibly have a character surrogate for the audience in the comic; I just hope it continues to be hilarious.

There’s some more Thaddeus and his control over the Sherriff’s position shown off as we get some possible info on Edwin, and we get Edwin’s “mother” possibly being addressed, but otherwise the issue sort of limps to an end for me. After an explosive start with some great dark comedy to follow, to just end on some hints to things being addressed possibly in the future it feels more like a tease than a cliffhanger.

Overall I’m still really enjoying this book and really like most of what we get in this issue, but I’m starting to desire more of the big picture. The teases we get from this issue are not much more than what can be derived from the series synopsis or the first issue, this issue just sheds light on them with other characters becoming aware. I feel like the characters are progressing fine enough but we’re not really getting enough plot wise. Three issues in and we’re still largely in the dark on the main character of the book.

Bits and Pieces: 

The dark humor and twisted subject matter continues to be a great mix, but three issues in I’m starting to desire more of the big picture.


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