Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Injustice 2 Chapter #13 Review

Happily Ever After?

Writer: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Bruno Redondo
Release Date: July 4th, 2017
Price: $0.99

After possibly the only issue of all of Injustice and Injustice 2 that I’d say was entirely skippable, I’m happy to jump into this issue and get back on to progressing the story. Kara is now in the presence of Black Adam and up to date on at least Adam’s take on the situation. Left with a tenuous plan to move forward it seems we now move on to a different point of the story in the start of a new direction. Find out what I think of the issue after the jump.

We get things started with the funeral of Ted Kord. We get only the ending bits as Jaime makes a very loud attempt at approaching Bruce. Luckily Bruce is able to enlighten him of the situation and things are resolved pretty quickly with Jaime wanting in on any attempts to get payback for Ted. We then catch up with Dinah and Ollie as Dinah makes her way to pay respects to her Oliver. Ollie takes this opportunity to propose getting married the next day, of which Dinah agrees only after being reminded of the morbid reality of the war that could be coming.

After being a little bummed with the change of focus in the story, the start does well to pull me back in. Dinah and Ollie have been great when shown and the small exchange we get at the start is nothing short of a delight. The promise of seeing more Jaime soon is also helpful.

Afterward we jump in scenery to the next day at the wedding. With Dinah getting put together with Barbara, Dinah gets a visit from Wildcat of the Justice Society. He offers a possible excuse for the JSA’s absence from Injustice in general before mentioning he’s been lost in a bottle. We then get some time With Bruce, Ollie and Connor as they wait for the wedding to get underway but it’s not too long before Bruce is called off by a notification. At which point we jump back to Dinah and Wildcat as they talk of calming Dinah’s nerves at which point they decide to fight since Wildcat has given up drinking. This is exchange is pretty great, but probably sounds weird just reading a description of.

I won’t give much away for the ending though we do find out what calls Bruce away and it’s both messed up and insanely intriguing. I really look forward to jumping into the next issue immediately.

Overall this issue was amazing after what we got the previous week. With fantastic art, great character moments, a cameo from a JSA character, ridiculously intriguing twist and an even more messed up ending. This issue had a lot going for it. What little I was disappointed in not getting more of Kara and Black Adam it more than made up for with an amazing issue.

Bits and Pieces:

Although I’m slightly disappointed to be changing focus so soon from Kara, this issue has just about everything going for it.


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