Monday, July 3, 2017

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast: Episode #9

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast: EPISODE #9

Special July 3rd Edition of the The Marvel Madness Comics Podcast as the fellas are back for a record breaking ninth week in a row! B.Mur, Carl, and Trevitt bring you FOUR new releases this week from the Marvel Comics release schedule of 6/28 wrapping up the month of June in red, white, and blue clad fashion. We discuss whether or not you should BUY, BARROW, or FORGET the following titles:

Dr Strange Sorcerer Supreme #9
Jean Gray #3
Edge of Venomverse #1
Secret Empire #5

Plus: Trevitt digs deep to make up some news about Legacy while shedding some addtional light on just what the hell Marvel Legacy actually is, a P.S.A. about fireworks; M-80s are illegal you know, and the Midpoint Marvelous Facts feat. Wiccan and X-23, finally things get wrapped up with a new closing segment called TOP 10 Marvel Villains discussing IGN's list of TOP VILLIANS and our unintelligent thoughts concerning it. 

Bang that follow button and join us for any shenanigans that follow ... we're not as negitive this week for the positive Peters out there.

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