Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blue Beetle #13 Review and *SPOILERS*

Justice League 3001?

Written By: Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis
Art By: Scott Kolins, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 27, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's the final issue of this creative team for Blue Beetle.......... and I don't really know where to begin.  I guess a heads up will be sufficient here...... so heads up, this issue will try to finish up Giffen and DeMatteis' run of Justice League 3001 from the DCYou era of the New 52.  Yeah, it's odd as hell and even though I read the majority of that series, it's been so long now that I couldn't tell you shit about it.  So with that in mind........ let's check out some Blue Beetle.

Explain It!

Our issue begins where we left off previously, with Teri Magnus coming to the door of Jaime Reyes and asking him if he could use his scarab as a power source for her homemade Cosmic Treadmill so that Tina and her could get back home to the 31st Century.  So yeah, that's what Jaime does, but sadly, Tina is left behind after an explosion, which causes Teri and Jaime to travel to the 31st Century, where we find out that Teri's only been gone a second after Lady Styx sent her and Tina back in time, so the battle is still blazing as the Justice League 3001 take on the possessed Legion of Superheroes and Teri's brother....... Terry, who is the Eclipso of this time.  

Now this is all coming off Greek as fuck to me because even though I read the majority of the Justice League 3001 series and the Justice League 3000 series that proceeded it, I don't remember any of this shit besides that the current Justice League team seems to be correct.  JL3001 was always a weird series that actually seemed to be the future of the old Pre-Flashpoint continuity because we had Ted Kord and Booster Gold time traveling in this story, but here it just seems to be the future of Rebirth, which just makes everything odd as hell, but I won't bore you with my assumptions of what's going on here.  All you have to know is that the Justice League send the Legion to another world, where Lady Styx's control over them should be broken.

In the end, while Teri is trying to explain everything to the rest of her team, Jaime and her are teleported away to Lady Styx's throne, where she tells Jaime that she's actually Brenda's Aunt La Dama and tells Teri that she's her mother before sending them back to the 21st Century, where we end the issue with Jaime flying off so that he can go make his date with Naomi.

That's it for this issue of Justice Leagu............ Blue Beetle and I don't know if Giffen and DeMatteis pulled rank or some shit like that over at DC in order to put this issue out, but goddamn is it pointless as hell because it doesn't do anything for the Blue Beetle series except say that La Dama is actually Lady Styx, but even that revelation doesn't mean much for the character because we're left assuming by the end that Jaime had his mind wiped when he went back in time.  So yeah, nothing going on here besides our status quo staying completely the same....... besides for maybe Teri and the Justice League 3001 series having one more moment to shine, even though it didn't really feel like a finale to that series either and I don't know who was asking for one because barely anyone read that series to begin with.  The art was alright, but overall, this is a pointless issue to the series and I can't wait to see what the next creative team will bring to the table.

Bits and Pieces:

Besides for a possible revelation that may or may not continue going forward in this series........ I'm saying not, there really isn't any reason to pick up this issue because all it does is give the Justice League 3001 series one more outing before going away and the status quo of this series continuing where it left off in the previous issue.  With all that being said though, I can't wait to see what the next creative team brings to this book next month.  



  1. Ya know, I like Blue Bettle and I liked Justice League 3000/1, but what the hell did I read... What hints were there in either of these books that La Dama was Lady Styx. While that could be an interesting plot point, setup is key and I felt that there was no setup for nothing. What makes matters worse is the fact that the new team will probably ignore all of this and do something else completely!

    1. Yeah, it was a waste of a departing issue for this creative team and I really doubt that the new team will do anything with it or that this series will continue past February.

    2. yea, i doubt we will ever see this again