Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Justice League / Power Rangers #6 Review

Justice League / Power Rangers #6

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Stephen Byrne
DC Comics Boom Studios
Release Date: September 27, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Zedd’s No Good Very Bad Day

Justice League Power Rangers wraps up after quite a strange release schedule that spanned 9 months. For someone that forgets everything that can be mildly problematic.  Regardless of my simpleness how does Tom Taylor wrap up the craziness that is a giant Alpha, the Justice League in the Power Rangers Universe, all while Brainiac and Lord Zedd still are hanging out together and around? That's me for to know and you to click the continue button to find out.

The issue starts off where five left off, as Alpha Five, in his giant form, slugs it out with the giant monsters created by Zed and company.  A wild punch by Alpha, knocks the monster out, but down into the path of buildings and the citizens luckily Superman and Wonder Woman come to everyone's aid.

As the good guys group up to formulate a plan with the recovered Angel Grove in a bottle they discover, somehow through magic vision, the Rangers Command Center is missing.  The story flashes to Lord Zedd commanding the Zords, with the aid of a Brainiac virus, and with the missing piece of Angel Grove around his neck.

Thankfully Billy and Cyborg are on the case analyzing a piece of Brainiac to help turn matters in the good guys favor once again.  The two come up with a virus that infects Brainiac knocking his soldiers out of the fight, turning the Zords back over to the Rangers, all but cooking Lord Zedd’s goose.  

Just like every good big bad ever, Zedd has one last contingency plan for just the situation, he’ll do it all himself, turning big, then using a little magic to knock out any DC Universe hero that might give him a challenge with his ‘Z’ wand.  The Rangers then answer the call, combining their Zords to form the Megazord, and putting an end to Zedd’s nonsense once and for all and saving the Justice League.  

The issue concludes as the two groups align Angel Grove, a little to the left, into the missing space of Earth it once inhabited and all seems well and good, as the Justice League and Power Rangers exchange a communication device with each other, in case they ever need the other's services again.  As the story concludes, we may be seeing these two back together sooner rather than later, as Alpha turns to leave the crew of Rangers looking to be still infected by a Brainiac virus!

Overall, this was a basic paint by numbers crossover event, that was a decent little adventure between two worlds, spotlighting almost all characters equally across both teams. Everyone really felt like they served a specific purpose, even the villains, and accomplished something in this series which serves to the kind of writer Tom Taylor is, a damn good one.  However the feel of the story overall felt like it was aimed at a slightly younger crowd than myself. Its simpleness held it back slightly from taking that next step into something adults might also unironically enjoy, but if you have a kid who loves the Justice League or Power Rangers, it may just be perfect for them.  

Bits and Pieces

The story felt like a pretty generic crossover, that reached the natural conclusion you thought it might by the end of the story. However coupled with some great art by Byrne the overall product is an above average effort keen for a younger audience.


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  1. Imma buy this trade. Didnt read an issue but sounds like it was pretty good