Thursday, September 14, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 9/13/17

My Covers Runneth Over

It's either feast or famine around here, it seems: I'm either scrambling to pick five from six available covers, or I'm sifting through three dozen of the things to come up with a list that will confuse and annoy the reader. But once again, I've done it! After you're done patting me on the back for the great job I've done, give the list a look and stand in total agreement with me!

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #28
Rafa Sandoval, Barry Kitson, Hi-Fi
Lightray's face looks a little...skeletal here, but the overall image is a great bit of compositon and color. Tinting the outer space background in red gives it the feel of something Hal is moving through, and not just within. That's also a pretty good-looking hand, but I expect Sandoval has that down pat.

Supergirl #13 variant
Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Okay, this is a really nice bit of (what I assume is digital) painting. The colors are great, the textures are alluring,'s sort of freaking me out a little, too. Like, Supergirl as Enya? It annoys me a bit that the cat isn't an obvious analog of Streaky the Supercat, but that's my problem and not any fault of this cover.

Detective Comics #984
Yasmine Putri
I like the allusion to Hamlet, but this is also a nice study in color and light. Batman stands in shadow while Clayface's head is illuminated and looks nearly golden. Something in the detail of Batman makes him look to be made from clay as well. The only thing hurting this image, frankly, is the type on the cover.

New Super-Man #15 variant
Bernard Chang
Bernard Chang, your New Super-Man variants will be the death of me! I love the style he's using on these, and here is something that nearly looks like a travel agency poster or otherwise commercial advertisement. This one would be selling psychopathic clown women, I suppose. Kong Kenan's face is just hilarious in this picture.

Mr. Miracle #2 variant
Mitch Gerads
The cover is doing a lot of stuff! There's the upshot angle, the one-point perspective, the creative coloring, the digital's bananas, bee. And I am really interested to know more about this Fourth World gun Mr. Miracle is holding. I assume anyone paying attention has hopped on this series already, but if you've been on the fence then a cover like this might tip the scales!

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