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Ms. Marvel #26 Review - Marvel Monday

Ms. Marvel #26 Review
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art Team: Nico Leon, Ian Herring
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 10, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Review by Anthony Guia

Senior Sleuth Mysteries

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The second issue of Ms. Marvel’s Legacy branding is here and our main hero is still nowhere to be found. Does her friends come close to finding her? Will our fill-in heroes be able to stop The Inventor? Did Harold, the senior citizen, win some money at the checkers pool at the old folks home? You’ll just have to read on and find out.

Right off the bat we begin the issue where we last left off - Zoe and Red Dagger coming face to face with a giant mechanical chameleon. Red Dagger suggests Zoe distract the creature, so she starts spewing out things she’s learned in her crossfit training and decides to use that knowledge to punch the creature. Ultimately, she fails, but that was just enough time for Red Dagger to open up the creature’s control panel and pull a few wires to destroy the abomination. Zoe comes to the realization that she’s seen this type of creation before and that it’s maker was supposed to be dead.

Back in Gabe’s basement, Zoe informs everyone that she believes The Inventor is back. Everyone is in disbelief as they’ve all witnessed (except Mike) that The Inventor died awhile back. Zoe tries to piece clues together and realizes that Harold, the old man on the mobility scooter in the last issue, might have been on to something with someone kidnapping senior citizens in the retirement home and putting them in a science dungeon. She quickly sets off and the rest of the group are left wondering what she’s talking about.

The next morning, the issue continues with Naftali entering his uncle’s grocer/sandwich shop and asking him if he may have seen Kamala. Naftali explains that she’s been missing, but not in a “call the cops” kind of missing. His uncle gives Naftali advice in saying that maybe Kamala just needs space and doesn’t want to be found, until he realizes he may have seen her, but not in the typical clothes she would normally be in - but in a uniform.

Meanwhile, Zoe barges into the retirement home and asks Harold to show her where he may have seen the science dungeon. He leads her to the back of a house with a door leading down to the basement. They enter down into the lab to find that Harold’s friends are all hooked up to a machine. As they’re trying to unhook these old folks, The Inventor enters the room and announces his return.

Back in Gabe’s basement again, Nakia worries that Zoe never showed up in school and she’s been unable to contact her through her cellphone. The group is concerned, but they don’t know how they’ll be able to take on The Inventor on their own. Red Dagger shows up with a superhero landing and offers to help them. The issue concludes with the Gabe, Mike and Nakia dressed up in their Ms. Marvel costumes ready to face The Inventor.


I still love the art and colours. It looks a bit sloppy near the middle-end in some panels, but not completely horrible to take away from the book itself. The final splash page looks beautiful with everyone suited up ready for action.

Bits and Pieces

All in all, this is a pretty straight forward issue and the plot moves forward a bit. The mystery of Kamala Khan is intriguing and The Inventor’s twisted scheme with the senior citizens has yet to be revealed. There wasn’t as much fun to be had in this issue, as opposed to the last, but there’s enough here to warrant a buy for the next one.


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