Thursday, March 29, 2018

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week - March 27, 2018

You Had Me at "They Took His Brain"

Howdy everyone! Another five covers from DC Comics that blew the others away! Well, some of them...there were a few covers that almost made the cut. Look, it's a process, okay? You're going to need to watch the DVD extras if you want to know more!

Teen Titans #18
Dan Mora
A dialogue balloon on the cover is sure to pique my interest, but when you reference 1950s sci-fi shlock movies, I'm sold. I'm also interested in a story where Beast Boy's brain is stolen and placed in a duck, that then gains shape-changing powers. If one is so inclined to write it, that is.

Dark Nights: Metal #6 variant
Greg Capullo
Okay. Joker dragon is pretty bad-ass. This doesn't actually happen in the comic, but the idea of it is damned cool. A little over-yellow for my tastes, but it sure helps move comics at the point of purchase.

Batgirl #21 variant
Joshua Middleton
Whoa...this would be like the best cover from the Goosebumps series ever. It could also work as a movie poster or ad for a police procedural. Uh, co-starring Batgirl, I guess. Somehow this image looks too refined for your average comic book, and the cool color palette makes me think crime show.

The Hellblazer #20 variant
Sean Phillips
Hello, great use of color and form! The turd-like wrinkles of Constantine's coat show aggressively through the flatly-colored Huntress looming in the background. It's almost like a Gustav Klimt painting. If only the piece had several ounces of gold leaf slapped on it.

Trinity #20
Guillem March
This gets points for composition, rendering, color--but it's really the sense of apprehension, that Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are beholding something that may be a little too big for their britches, that I really like. This is no rosy-fingered dawn highlighting the dewy meadow with her morning's kiss, this is some dinosaur-laden hellscape that few have entered and none have escaped. I bet they did okay, though.

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