Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tales of Suspense #103 Review - Marvel Monday

Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow Locked in Finger Cuffs

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Travel Foreman
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 21, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Aaron Anderson

Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier have been teamed up over the course of the last three issues. All due to a shared interest in the possibility of a resurrected Black Widow. Who is going around assassinating Spies all over the world? At the end of issue 3, we saw their suspicions were true. Black Widow is alive! This issue provides us with all the Whose, whats, whys, and wheres that you can shake an arrow at.

We open with Natasha in a dream-like state having a conversation with Ursa Major, a great Soviet Hero who is also a bear. This conversation gives us a really smart, energetic, and quick recap of Black Widow’s death at the hands of Captain America and her resurrection at the hands of The Red Room. 

Over the course of the next several pages, we get to follow Black Widow as she finds out she is a clone, that has all her memories. She has them all because Ursa Major and Epsilon Red want the sweet freedom only death can bring. 

Black Widow is trying to bring The Red Room down from the inside since they do not know she has all her memories. To do this she needs to get Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier out of the picture. What better way is there to do that than locking them in a panic room and blowing the building up around them?

Bits and Pieces:

The story is very cinematic in nature. Your eyes move through the story effortlessly. The tension has been raised every issue and the dialogue rings true to the characters involved. The art is nothing to write home about but it adds all it needs to add to the story.


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