Sunday, July 8, 2018

Delta 13 #3 Review

Writer: Steve Niles Artist: Nat Jones Publisher: IDW Publishing Release Date: July 4, 2018 Cover Price: $3.99
Reviewed By Wheezy

I was hoping the previous issues were not going to make my mind up before I read this, but sadly I think that has happened, from the first page it immediately took me back to how much I didn’t like this. In truth, this issue is a little better but still nowhere near the level it needs to be.

Who knew taking on a mysterious alien creature would cause the crew problems, sadly the creature with black eyes is causing havoc on the ship. The atmosphere on this issue improved, I am unsure if they are going for the alien feel but they are quite far away from achieving that. The issue basically boils to an Easter egg hunt, the egg being the alien that has mysteriously gone walkabout off the medical table.

The crew of Tetra478 gets drawn in and the alien manages to eviscerate one of them and the cliffhanger ultimately being the alien adopted their shape and is impersonating one of the crew. I feel bad for not giving a longer review but there really is not much more to it, the decompression in these issues is borderline offensive, and the art/ color (especially) is not strong enough to plug the gap left through the lack of plot.

Bits and pieces:
Again this did not alleviate any of my doubts about the series going forward, there is not enough to warrant 3.99 sadly and what we do get is generic, cliché writing, which, without being too harsh feels like a first project in fictional writing.


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  1. A damn shame. Niles is usually a pretty good writer. I dumped this after the first issue.