Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Red Hood and the Outlaws #24 Review

Hero No More

Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Dexter Soy, Alisson Borges, Veronica Gandini, Taylor Esposito
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 11, 2018

With our Smarty-Pants Bizarro story coming to an end it's time to blow the doors off this background of Penguin and Red Hood that we've been dealing with and this issue is prepared to do just that.  After the previous issue, where Jason Todd discovered that his father didn't actually die in jail, it seems that he's going after Penguin for a little payback, since it looks like it's the little guy's fault that that his father was put away in the first place.  Let's jump into this issue where I bet that the Penguin wishes that he would have taken care of Red Hood when he could have in the last issue.  Let's check it out.

Right off the bat, it's a shame that this issue is split between two artist because while Dexter Soy's section shines, it kind of leaves Alisson Borges' Bizarro sections as pretty weak sauce in comparison...... and while that may be because of story as well, this issue for as big as it feels, seems to be a bit disjointed in my mind because the end of our Outlaw HQ is a pretty big deal (even though we never really got to see a lot of it) because of what it means for it to actually end and while that should be concerning everyone........... I couldn't care less because of Red Hood's parts of this book dominating the care center of my mind.

Really though, we're dealing with some pretty big stuff all around this issue and while I would have like Bizarro's bits to be a little bit more down to Earth for what's going on with him and the rest of the group, this issue does manage to stand tall for what it gives us and really, it makes the next issue a MUST read and that's not an easy task for a book that's not in the middle of some kind of an event.  All in all, the art is decent, but I wish it was Dexter Soy throughout and the story while it seemed to get away from Scott Lobdell for a bit a couple of months ago, seems to be right on track for something that everyone will want to read going forward.

Bits and Pieces:

Red Hood and the Outlaws is coming out swinging with this issue and while the Smarty-Pants Bizarro just seems to have gone away without much fanfare, what we get instead is some next level, game changing stories that I can't wait to read.  



  1. Loved that the stakes were raised this issue. Really loved how Jason's story played out here, but really disappointed with what's going on with Bizarro and Artemis. I'm really sad that Dexter Soy will be done after the next issue, so I'm hoping he goes out with a bang in the oversized finale. Plus, I'm hoping for great closure with Bizarro and Artemis, if they're going to be off the book... which makes me even more sad.

    1. I didn't know about soy leaving that sucks. But I definitely did not see this coming, and I'm glad. I've never been a fan of Penguin and I'm so glad to see him gone. Little sad to see Bizzaros Dream future burn up in smoke along with there bad as base, but this is a book that actually has Stakes. I still think there's a chance for the ending I predicted to still happen, but I'm actually happy that Jason is going to get away from Batman and his ass book. The further away from Bruce and Gotham the better.

  2. That was my book of the week and I still have a bunch left to read. Loved it, while not everything is totally addressed for how much it was setup I'm glad we don't get PC Jason here and he takes no pity on Penguin. Critical condition I think he'll be fine overall but now he gets to wear an Eric Shea eye patch!

    1. If it's critical condition then Batman has no right to chase down Jason. The promise was no killing. That fat wattling basturd better be dead.