Monday, September 10, 2018

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Review - Marvel Monday

The Cosmic Royal Rumble Issue

Writer: Donny Cates
Art Team: Dylan Burnett, Antonio Fabela, VC Clayton Cowles
Marvel Comics
Release Date; September 5, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Unfortunately all good things come to an end eventually, and Cosmic Ghost Rider is nearing that issue #5 in the mini-series, where things will wrap up.  I for one am enjoying each page of this series and don't want it to go anywhere.  Frank Castle as a crazy cosmic entity, trying his best to raise a baby Thanos, is just too much fun to disappear from comic racks worldwide. What are you doing Marvel why is this a mini-series? We don't need this to end all so a room can be made for things like the Unstoppable Wasp again. Give the fans what we want, and what we want is more Cosmic Ghost Rider until the end of time! Let's jump into issue three and see what goes down.

According to the Watcher the last issue, Frank "made the worst decision in the history of mankind", when he refused to give Thanos up, pissing off quite a few people in the process.  A few of those people, as we found out from last issues cliffhanger, were a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy made up of JuggerDuck, Captain Marvel, Iron Groot, Old Man Cable, and Jubilee. Unfortunately for them Galactus quickly disposes of most of them, forcing Cable into a long-running joke throughout the issue in which each time his team is defeated he jumps back to grab a new one, and then another new one, and another one after that .... get my drift.  The story at this point moves very quickly through the first two acts of the story, as the art is left to do a lot of the storytelling, and the pages are filled with cameos of various heroes coming to bring it to Frank the Cosmic Ghost Rider for protecting baby Thanos. The premise and art just hit home for me, I have a ton of fun flicking through the book, I love its take no prisoners approach, all this combines into perfection while reading through each issue.

Only when Cable eventually brings 100 people to the party, of various hero shapes and sizes, does the group finally begin to overwhelm Frank.  It looks like our Cosmic Ghost Rider is about to meet his end as he blacks out surrounded on the ground by heroes being pummeled to death ... or is he?

Frank wakes up roughly 15 minutes later to an absolute bloodbath, curious how in the world he is not dead, only to find out baby Thanos killed everyone and is beating Cable to death with his own metal arm. Frank picks the baby up yelling the point home "NO MURDER" but its much much to late.  Cable with his dying breaths tries to get the point across to Frank that the Thanos he raises is much much much worse than any Thanos ever introduced into the world as he is blown to pieces by our cliffhanger .... a grown up Thanos who's traveled back to visit his dear ol' Pops! That's a huge ending and I can't wait to see the interaction between old Thanos and Frank, when he thinks he was going about this the right way all along, despite the 100 warnings he was most certainly NOT!

 Overall, this was basically a huge fight issue, that only moved the story forward a very little bit, but ultimately I was just having way too much fun to care that was all we got.  The art, callouts, fighting, and entertainment value found within this issues page count is worth every bit of the $3.99 I paid with my only negative being this series is ending soon which makes me sad. I could read about Frank traveling the cosmos and screwing things up from now to eternity ends.  Sometimes its tough for these more fun attempts at books to strike a balance between humor and story, but Cates seems to have struck that balance, walking it perfectly with each issue that comes out of this series. Take a peek if your pull list lacks that fun element you seek out before it all ends and the minis like Wasp and Iceman return.

Bits and Pieces:

Light on the story this issue, but huge on imagination and bombastic spectacle, the Cosmic Ghost Rider continues to please and entertain anybody that picks up this book. Aside from the book moving at the pace of Frank Castle on a cosmic speed bike, there is very little that goes on I don't thoroughly enjoy. Check this book out if you've been on the fence.


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