Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sideways #8 Review

Sideways Indeed!

Storytellers: Max Raynor, Trevor Scott, and Dan DiDio
Art by: Max Raynor, Trevor Scott, Daniel Brown, and Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 12, 2018

I really hate this book, I really hate this issue, and I don't want to read anymore. But I do it for you. The people.

This series took such a serious nosedive since Derek's mom died a few issues ago, and it's not about me feeling bad or sad for her death. The quality is seriously lacking here. Maybe Dan DiDio is just too busy to properly plot and write this? I wouldn't blame him, he's now the main publisher at DC and for some reason, Justin Jordan is no longer working with him on the book. He's lost all grasp on the plot at hand and this reads like a ridiculous obscure DC character showcase rather than a Sideways story.

Derek and the Seven (or is it Six...?) Soldiers make their way through the Dark Multiverse in order to find the Shining Knight. Nothing happens and, spoiler alert, Derek doesn't even join them for the entire journey. Nothing happens. I've lost the will to live.

Anyway, the art isn't half bad. I like Max Raynor, and I like his take on Derek. There's a youthfulness in his eyes that none of the other artists on this book have been able to properly portray, and a lot of the characters have cool designs and look quite nice.

Bits and Pieces:

Stay away from this book. The art is fine but the writing is easily the worst - what? Who is that? Dan DiDio? No, stay away from me! I'm not Jim! Or Eric! Leave me alone! Ahhhhhh!


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  1. The Manhattan Guardian was a letdown, but the truth is I still like this team better than justice league darks team. Alot of new faces and new names this issue, probably to many at one time but I have a feeling maybe one these new guys has a connection to how Dereck got his powers. Besides being very exposition heavy and not explaining that exposition, there where things I enjoyed this issue. The Team, the sense of Dred from the battle, and the art. I know alot of people either hate or love Rocaforts art, but I'm one of the ones that loves his art. Even with that lame helmet I find Bulleteer hot the way Rocaforts makes he look. This book and Silencer are the only decent new age of heroes book that I like to read, and they at least in another league in comparison to Imortal Men.