Thursday, October 25, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: October 24, 2018

...or topless?

We Don't Wanna Logo, Neither!

DC Comics did something new this week with their regularly-issued preview pages: along with the usual regular and variant covers, all of the regular versions were supplied as just artwork-–no logos or type anywhere. I suspect this is because there was a disparity in the attention these covers receive by yours truly...what other reason could there be? I won't, however, be judging these logo-less covers, since they're not the ones available for sale to you, my trillions and maybe zillions of loyal readers. Still, I was able to burp out a list of five swell covers! Check it out!

The Silencer #10
Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion
Here's that two-tone magic I love to see. Here's a rare instance this month where I think the foil stamping takes away from the design, which necessitates being flat in order to be striking. The soft greys and dark blacks against this sickly green is a great eye-catcher, aided by the same green being used in the logo. And it's a pretty good comic book, to boot!

 Batman Beyond #10
Viktor Kalvachev
This begins a trio of "single-color" covers, done in this way to maximize foil coverage and impact. I think this cover looks pretty great without the foil, personally, very classic Batman in its design, but totally Batman Beyond in its execution.

 Detective Comics #991 variant
Mark Brooks
These thickly-painted 'Tec variants have been pretty great lately, and here's another! If this were a pulp paperback novel about Batman, I think this would work just as well. By rights, this composition shouldn't work, but thanks to our shared familiarity with the characters, it looks fine and dandy. Uh, for a murder scene, that is.

 Batgirl #28
Julian Totino Tedesco
Number two in this week's single-color series, this is a great cover that looks positively electric on the stands. The perspective is executed perfectly, but I'm more thrilled by Barbara's gleeful smile, the way she clutches her cape, and just the general fun of this image. And the foreshortening, that's pretty good too.

Action Comics #1004
Steve Rude
This one, you gotta see with the foil. I mean, it's a great cover besides, just the whole idea of it tickles me silly. But with foil, this thing is a masterpiece. I love that he's looking down on the migrating geese like they're a school of fish in a pond. Go find this one in the wild, if you haven't already.

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