Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #4 Review

Eternia Is... 

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Freddie Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Wes Abbott
DC Comics
Release Date: October 31, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

I've been enjoying this mini-series a lot since its release and not just for the multi-layered story occurring, but because the art has been a joy to look at as well. Things looked to really be reaching a tipping point at the end of the last issue with He-Man and company storming Superman's base of operations, setting in course of action a wild series of events, that will continue here in this issue.  So lets waste no more time and get down to business discussing the latest installment of Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe.

The events start by continuing last issues cliffhanger as a giant battle continues everywhere it can occur in this story on two different worlds. The most important parts to take out of all this chaos are the real Batman begins coming too and proceeds to go right after Wonder Woman for killing Damien last issue, He-Man and Superman punch each other all over Hell's half acre, Skeletor gets confronted by Zatanna, and Darkseid's forces continue their assault, focusing their attention on Castle Grayskull, in hopes of "Darkseid Is-ing" all of Eternia, and the Universe of course. The issue jumps around a lot this month coming back to each of these characters/scenarios several different times, and can be a bit much at times.

Beyond pacing issues, I wish I could continue to go on about how many different surprises and fun moments there were throughout here in this review but for once in this series that isn't really the case. A large majority of the story progress was on the Eternia side of the battle, which is OK, just not as gripping to me personally. The reason being a lot of the dialogue is from Darkseid's point of view, which for the most part is his standard babble about the Anti-Life Equation and wanting it at any costs, which sucks a lot of the fun I was having out of the issue as it lingers on a bit long. 

The high points of the series remain following He-Man on Earth, but with the pacing really frantic this issue, a lot of that action is broken up too much. There is one big reveal towards the end of the issue I really enjoyed but don't want to spoil here in the review, so I don't want to sound too down on the events that take place overall, because by the end of the book Tim Seeley had me back on board and excited for what's next. 

While Freddie Williams does a great job of showcasing the fighting and characters depicted on the pages throughout this issue the fast pacing of the story contributes to some fuzzy transitions that lost me along the way affecting my reading experience a bit.  A second read through cleared up some of my confusion a bit but having to cram a bit too much story into this issue hindered the art a bit it felt.

Overall, Injustice vs Master of the Universe continues to be enjoyable but this issue suffers a little from having to squeeze in a lot of exposition and setup, making for a frantic reading experience, all to get ready for what should be a solid finale. Tim Seeley saves the issue towards the end with a hell of a twist that got me back on board for next issue and Freddie Williams can draw the Masters of the Universe characters anytime he wishes as I love his depictions of the classic 80's cartoon legends. 

Bits and Pieces:

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe resumes in an action-heavy setup issue as the series nears its conclusion in the coming months. He-Man continues to battle on Earth, while Darkseid puts on a full offensive in Eternia, although the later story is a bit less enjoyable it's necessary to move things forward. Freddie Williams art continues to pop off the page, and for my money, is one of the most visually enjoyable artists working in comics today. Overall worth a look. 


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  1. Thank god for this issue because i cant stand this weeks books. Continues to the same quality it does every time this comes out.